CD Fulfilment

You sell we deliver, peace of mind for one and all.

CD fulfilment isn’t a relatively new concept to the UK, in fact Media Plant has been offering this service for some time.

CD fulfilment is an incredibly simple and cost effective service enjoyed by hundreds of Media Plant customers, daily.

Cutting out the hassle of you physically holding stock this on demand service is a fantastic way to get CDs to your customers, without breaking the bank.

Media Plants CD fulfilment service is bar none, we pride ourselves on our ability to service your needs and of course the needs of your customers.

Not everyone has time to ship CDs globally to far flung corners of the earth, let Media Plant take the burden.

We take care of the CD fulfilment, you concentrate on marketing your products.

How does CD fulfilment work?

Good question, CD fulfilment is incredibly easy to to understand and then benefits are tenfold for your existing business or indeed if you’re just starting out.

Take a look at our simple 3 step procedure.

Your CD Sales

Whatever your CD offers, be it music, software etc. You will no doubt have a system in place to sell it.

We can support whichever sales method you employ, such as your own e-commerce website, Clickbank, E-Junkie, Ebay, Amazon, Paypal buttons etc.

Sales Order

You notify us of your latest order(s) either by email or accessing your platform.

We duplicate your CD or take one from stock. We then collate the order, if it has separate parts such as a book etc.

Out For Delivery

Once we have receipt of the order, we ship it. It cannot get any simpler.

We ship globally on your behalf, your customer receives the CD. Everyone’s happy.

CD Fulfilment, peace of mind

CD Fulfilment by Media Plant takes all the hard work out of CD sales. We can pull down orders from whatever system you have in place.

From Clickbank, Amazon, Ebay, e-junkie, your own e-commerce platform, and more.

As long as we can A) get a notification via email or B) access your platform directly then we can take the hard work away.

Running low on CDs?

Our service aims to relieve you of the burden of holding physical stock yourself. Realistically do you have the time to go to the post office with a load of CDs recently ordered?

Do you want to spend ages in a queue? No thought not. Media Plant strips away the need to hold physical stock of your CD.

Meaning you can order lower numbers of CDs based on the success of sales.

If you do not have the means of distribution in place or are looking to reduce costs then CD fulfilment is an excellent tool at your disposal. Use us.

Have questions about our CD Fulfilment service?

If you do have any questions about our CD Fulfilment service or indeed require a quote on CD Fulfilment then please feel free to fill out the form below.

If you would prefer to contact us via telephone and speak to a member of the team please do so on 01793 498040.

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