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Want mass production of your Blu-ray film title? Then read on.

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Cost effective replication of your Blu-ray titles

Need A Blu-Ray Replication Company?

Looking for a replicator who can create retail ready Blu-ray discs with their packaging? Well big hi from us at Media Plant. We work with a number of companies who sell retail grade Blu-ray products and we’re rather proud of our Blu-ray replication service.

As quality is at the heart of everything we do here at Media Plant, you can rest assured your Blu-ray project will be handled by the pros.

Blu-ray Replication Turnaround Times

All of our Blu-ray projects, our replicated from your master content. From the point of your Blu-ray artwork being approved and of course your content, be it a HD film or data the turnaround time will be 12-15 working days.

Quality Is Our Foremost Mission

Our Blu-ray replication service will see your disc created from your master disc or indeed digital content.

It will be printed to the highest possible standard along with high quality packaging, ready to roll on into the shops (or wherever you decide to sell your Blu-ray!).

AACS Licences For Blu-Ray

Replication The AACS (Advanced Access Content System) is part of the Blu-ray standard and is mandatory. If AACS is confusing for you or you would like advice on it you can always get in touch with us. We can help you get through the motions and get your Blu-ray product out their to the masses. So don’t worry about the details, that’s what we’re here for.

Blu-Ray Packaging Options

We have plenty of packaging options for your Blu-ray project, from the traditional Blu-ray case, complete with booklet and wrap right up to it actually being cellowrapped ready for stores.

We can advise you on the best possible packaging for your project and get you hitting the ground running.

Quality is of paramount importance to us here at Media Plant, your high definition film took time to create, let’s ensure it gets the send off it deserves.

FAQ On Blu-ray

Blu-ray Disc Vs DVD

Blu-ray discs have massive storage capacity compared to standard DVD discs and as such can store up to an astonishing 50GB of data.

As we have already established Blu-Ray has plenty more storage than a DVD, however what are the differences between a standard DVD and a Blu-Ray. Well let’s take a look at the main differences between the two.

DVD Storage Capacity

Standard DVDs (or DVD 5’s as they are more commonly known) can hold 4.7GBs of data, there are dual layer DVDs (DVD 9s) which will increase this to 8.7GBs of data.

Blu-ray Storage Capacity

A standard Blu-ray disc can hold 25 GBs worth of data (known as a BD 25) like DVD there is a higher capacity version (a BD 50) which will hold 50 GBs worth of data.

DVD Visual Resolution Standard

DVDs output 720 x 576 for PAL (UK compatible DVDs).

Blu-ray Visual Resolution

Standard Blu-ray output is 1920 X 1080 for PAL (UK compatible Blu-rays)

Blu-ray Services On Offer

Blu-Ray Disc Duplication, quick & efficient

Blu-ray Duplication

Blu-ray duplication from Media Plant will see your data / content duplicated on to high grade Blu-ray recordable discs.

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replication of your Blu-ray titles

Blu-Ray Replication

Fast turnaround for your Blu-ray needs. If you would like to find out more about our Blu-ray replication service you can do so here.

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Keen To Work With Us?

If you like the sound of the above and would like to work with Media Plant and have us replicate your Blu-ray then get in touch.

You can reach us on 01793 498040 and speak to a member of the team and discuss your Blu-ray project and of course your options. If you would prefer a quote via email then simply fill in the contact form and we will be in touch!

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