Castrol USB Bottle Project

Castrol USB Bottle Project

A USB in the shape of a well-known product? Yup, we’ve done that as well.

Our custom designed USB for Castrol, as you will see from the images, our custom USB design service is, pretty much fantastic. Castrol was looking to create a USB for distribution to their European partners packed with data.

The first port of call was to find a company who offered something fresh, funky and different. Media Plant answered the call and came up with a uniquely designed custom USB in the shape of a Castrol oil bottle.

Different? Yes. Innovative? Yes.

With quality built USB using high-end chips for memory storage as well as highly detailed design, the Castrol USB bottle was a storming success!

Castrol USB Bottle Project
Castrol USB Bottle Project
Castrol USB Bottle Project

Like the look of the Castrol USB bottle? Want something for your product? Want a team that can deliver results without the fluff? What are you waiting for? Type these numbers in wistfully 01793 498040 or use the form below.

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