CD Duplication Why It Pays To Investigate

CD Duplication Why It Pays To Investigate

Do your research

CD Duplication services, or at least searching for CD Duplication services can yield some exciting results on various search engines.

However, of late we are getting queries from customers who have received incredibly poor duplication work.

By this we mean they have searched the web for CD Duplication and gone with the cheapest service they can find.

While we understand money is tight for everyone there are dangers associated with dirt cheap CD Duplication.

Substandard duplication could see your latest music CD or software CD with below par CD printing think smudging, colours running.

One customer who came to us named and shamed one particular company and stated his duplicated CD’s looked like pirated copies!

Use caution when searching for CD Duplication or indeed DVD Duplication services. The web is full of so-called companies offering duplication services. However, they are effectively working from a back room or bedroom with a couple of towers duplicating CDs on the fly.

The problem with this is twofold, inadequate equipment for duplication and even worse shoddy digital printers for your pride and joy.

All of Media Plant’s equipment is top notch and cutting edge. All of our services for duplication are in-house with digital printing and high spec duplication equipment. Ensuring your CD is duplicated to the highest possible quality.

While we understand you need to shop around for quotes on CD Duplication, a couple of quick tips to make sure you do not get caught out:

  • If the website your getting a CD Duplication quote through does not have a registered address, or it is difficult to find a postal address, avoid.
  • Make sure the company giving the CD Duplication quote is a COMPANY, not just operating from a PO Box, usually the contact us page will reveal this sort of info.
  • If the website you’re getting a CD Duplication quote through has an address, Google it. Use Google Streetview to see where the premises are. Ensure the company in question is a company, not operating from a dark alley or a bedroom.

Or just get in touch with us on 01793 498040 or use the handy form below to let us know what you need.

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