CD Printing

High quality digital & thermal printing designed for a quick turnaround.

CD Printing

If you’re looking for a high-quality finish on your next CD, then our CD print service is perfect for your needs. Our in-house digital printing machine will ensure your CD is finished to the highest possible standard available.

Our CD Printing machine treats your CDs to a two-pass UV curing process to ensure the quality of your CD Print.

No smudging or running of colours, just a superior finish ready for your CD media files to be duplicated on to our high-quality compact discs.

Your colourful CD design needs to be printed to a high finish, that’s where Media Plant comes in.

That’s true, yes you can. However, if you want poor quality CD prints that are offered by home inkjet printers, by all means, print away.

Your media deserves better, that’s why thousands of companies and individuals use our CD printing service.

Why? Because they crave quality.

Beautiful vibrant colours and a design that captures the interest of the recipient, the only limits using our CD Printing service is your imagination.

  • Poor quality print
  • Time consuming
  • Cost of ink
  • Cost of buying CDs for print
  • Smudging

Got questions about CD printing? We have answers with our handy guide.

Our CD printing services starts from 50 units upwards.

Sure do. We offer a template for you to work to and of course instructions to get your design set to our needs.

Turnaround time for CD printing is typically 2-5 days from receipt of your artwork. So pretty quick.

A couple of choices for you here. If your design is a solid colour, for example, a solid black, red, green etc. This would lend itself to a thermal print method.

A thermal print is perfect for solid colours and a great solution.

If your artwork is a photograph or a mixture of different colours, then our inkjet solution would provide quality results.

If it’s just a standard print only CD, we can provide you with a link for you to upload your artwork to. If it’s a small file, you can always email it to us!

If you’re looking to get your CDs printed why not get in touch with us today on 01793 498040. We offer quality CD printing that’s affordable, fast and of course quality. Or if you don’t have the time for a phone call, why not request a quote via the form?

*Please note CD Printing starts from 50 units!

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