CD Replication

Want to work with the UK’s favourite CD Replicator? Find out more about our replication service and why you should use Media Plant.

CD Replication

Then you’ve come to the right place. Media Plant aside from offering in-house CD duplication services offers the mass replication of CD.

Our CD Replication service is famed for its quick delivery, quality results and used by countless record labels, musicians, software companies and more.

Offering you the client a quick replication turnaround time on your next CD project, whether it’s for a software CD, music CD, promotional CD or anything else you would need the mass production of a CD.

CD replication by Media Plant sees your CD audio or indeed data replicated from a master disc and pressed at our replication plant.

With a 10-12 day turnaround time, we can replicate your CD complete with on body artwork.

Not only that but we have a multitude of CD packaging options.

From booklets and more to complete your CD project and get it retail ready for the sales platform of your choice.

So you’re looking to get your CD replicated? Good stuff, reproducing your CD with Media Plant is as easy as 1-2-3.

We’ll help you every step of the way from helping you with getting your CD artwork just right, advising on CD audio or CD data.

We’ll talk you through CD packaging options and ensure you get the best out of your CD replication project.

Want more reasons to deal with Media Plant on the replication of your CD?

Everything we do here at Media Plant is for our customers; without them, we wouldn’t be here.

That’s why we listen to your needs and work with you to ascertain what you need from your CD replication project.

CD replication is a different process entirely compared to CD Duplication in terms of manufacturing.

It does offer a longer turnaround time when compared to CD duplication.

However proper scheduling of your needs and consultation with Media Plant can see your CD project turned around in 10-12 days.

All CDs replicated at our facility are of the highest quality we only use grade ‘A’ polymer during the process.

We only use the highest quality materials available to ensure your CD pressing has the appropriate finish it deserves.

We pride ourselves at Media Plant on our service levels. By using Media Plant for your CD replication needs, not only are you using a cost-effective solution with a high-end result.

You’re also benefiting from Media Plant’s stringent quality assurance all backed up with fantastic customer service.

You’ve probably got questions. Don’t worry we have some answers for you.

Our replication service starts from a minimum of 300 CDs. If you require less than this, you may well want to take a look at our CD duplication service here.

We can turnaround your CD project relatively quick, we offer a 10-12 day production time.

Of course, whatever product you choose to go with in terms of CD packaging, we will have the right template for you.

We will send you instructions on how to set up your artwork for optimum print.

We have a few different ways for you to get your content to us. We offer an FTP service so you can upload your content to us, we have our WeTransfer links, if you can’t use FTP.

Lastly, there’s always the post; you can send us your master via good old fashioned mail.

For example, one is speed. CD Duplication has a turnaround time of 1-5 days (depending on the packaging required).

The other difference is that CD Replication sees your CD physically made from a glass master. This, in turn, contains your data, be it music or software.

The Glass master is used to create a stamper. The stamper is used to create a physical disc from polycarbonate.

It’s a long process; however, the costs of CD replication are lower than that of CD duplication, if you can wait for the turnaround time.

CD duplication is quicker in terms of turnaround times. Because we use grade ‘A’ physical CDRs, then duplicate the content on to them. It’s faster as the CD already exists as opposed to CD replication.

We have an excellent team of industry professionals here at Media Plant. There will always be someone on hand to help you with any queries you have.

That’s what sets us apart from our companies, and we care that you get the results you need. We want your business and future business.

Looking after you makes sense.

Have questions about our CD replication service?

We understand you may well have never gone through the CD replication process, or perhaps you have and are looking at reducing costs or want a competitive quote on a CD project. Either way, please do get in touch on 01793 498040 or fill in the form and we can get started.

*Please note CD Replication starts from 300 units, no less!

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