Day 0-4 Working From Home. Staff share their experiences. Tough times and some laughter. Enjoy.

Working from home at Media Plant
Working from home at Media Plant

Welcome to a new thang we’re doing here at Media Plant; in part, it’s to keep our staff sane and to let others working from home what we’re all up to and maybe have some fun along the way, share tips and whatnot.

We’ve had a resounding response to our Working from home guide, which is an honest account of how we’re handling things. Take a look if you get the chance it might help you if you’re new to working from home.

I’ve created a new blog category called Working from home, and it’s here you’ll find daily accounts from the staff here at Media Plant, permitting their schedules of course.

Good question, I suppose as I said earlier, it’s to keep people sane. We’ve got quite a few people working for us who live on their own, and sharing their situations what they’re up to is a kind of therapy, one I think will help them and of course you if you’re reading this.

Remember you’re not alone in this, we’re all in this together.

Before we begin, I’d like to share with you something Sian (MD of Media Plant) put together last night. I’ve seen this, but those at Media Plant have not. I got a little cut up at this, so read on:

Obviously, this week started with the announcement that where possible anybody that can, should work from home.

As a company Media Plant has always had provisions in place to enable our staff to do this, nevertheless it was all hands to the deck to ensure this was implemented as soon as possible to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

From that moment on, since those first conversations were playing out with the staff, I have been overwhelmed by the sheer determination to do whatever possible to get us through these testing times.

I can honestly say that I have learnt more about my team in the last four days than I have in the last 14 years. I’m ashamed to say that, but it’s true and what is the point of a blog post if I am not true to myself.

The way my colleagues have been checking in with each other every morning, being at the end of the phone and above all, listening to one another has been very moving.

My Grandmother always said to me that “you have two ears and one mouth”, well she was right, so what I’ve learnt is to listen, listening is vital.

Whether it’s a member of your team having a good day or merely finding things all too much, listen. If they want to share concerns about their family, listen. If they’re going to talk to you about their lunch, listen.

If they are concerned about their futures, listen. If they are deciding whether or not to have a shower, listen!

I’m proud of Media Plant, always have been, but in the last couple of days that as changed from being proud of our successes to feeling privileged to be surrounded by the people I am.

During these uncertain times nobody knows how this is going to play out but what I know for sure is that people coming together is far more powerful than any virus can ever be.

I sent out an email asking people who they’re all doing, share stuff etc. Below are snippets of our people are getting on along with some funny bits and bobs. I hope you enjoy our working from home diaries!

Well, Clare, one of our support workers, has been doing her bit, looking after little Ella, as well as being heavily pregnant to boot! Diesel, her dog, does not seem too happy in this photo!

Josh one of our sales account managers, says his cat is glad to have it’s hooman back. Although he did mention, it’s kind of challenging to get things done when she’s in the way.

It’s been strange to start with working from home, but getting used to it now – lost the dining room table to my iMac and three screens, plus the Hand Brake (missus) is sat opposite me having to work from home with her two screens moaning every time I have to take calls.

I’ve not spoken to many customers, but the ones I have are all pretty much doing the same thing as us and getting by which is all we can do.

I was playing the guess who game with some *muppet on the webchat on the Media Plant site.

*I’m Ben the one pulling this post together, and also sadly the one who fell for Lee’s antics as I operate the live chat on the site. 

I won’t lie it’s been hard to adjust at times, especially being a salesperson who likes to interact with the team. One of the things that has been keeping my spirits up is watching how all of my colleagues at Media Plant are staying positive and pulling together.

It’s nice to see our little working family show support to each and every one of us. This shows teamwork and friendship.

Like us, they’re trying to stay positive and push on in these hard times. I’m working on some exciting Vinyl record projects, hardcover coffee table books with 10″ gold vinyl, with 28pages of sexy artwork for all the fans to browse through! So I’m keeping as busy as I can.

Working from home has been bloody brilliant, I have still managed to keep in close contact with a few of my clients to see how they’ve been getting on, been speaking to my colleagues on MS Teams and being able to have a little giggle.

My clients have been fine, all have been affected and are working from home but are still in high spirits, be that down to my wonderful persona that comes through emails or there just happy to have their feet up in their dressing gown.

Naa its definitely because they’ve seen my name pop up via email now I think about it.

WFH has been isolated yet productive, just a shame it’s so quiet out there. Big thanks to the customers and prospects who are carrying on regardless, this is what we all need to do.

We have some excellent projects still happening, and I am working on some new exciting ideas, onwards and upwards.

Dress up Friday

The idea of dress-up Friday, I have created my own spin-off, Bow tie Friday.

It’s been different, still adjusting! It’s quite lonely, but I get a call everyday from Sarah and Chris checking in or asking me how to do something incredibly simple!

Very lovely, one gave me advice on working from home, which was kind of him! Had one job that was going on in September last year that I thought was a right off but emailed the customer and he said it’s still going ahead but incredibly slowly. Quite a big order, so that was good news!

I found out a group of jellyfish is called a Smack! I also watched George have a wee in the kitchen the naughty little nugget.

As a bit of a technical no-hoper ( biggest challenge I can work out is which tv remote I should be using) this week, I have learnt how amazing technology is.

From daily catch up calls so I can still see everyone’s beautiful faces, to the amazing kindness sent through via different means to make us all know we are being missed, sent virtual hugs and importantly, all in this together, – I hate to admit this…, who knew? , a landline just doesn’t cut it ;0)

My mum who has spent five years thinking her iPad was just for playing solitaire on, has finally got the hang of emailing and who knew that sending her a video of her overweight daughter, dancing in a swimming costume, with a gin under her arm would make her day?!?

Right now I feel really proud when the chips are down human nature & all looking after each other, does come above everything else …. In fact a long way above.

The test day working from home involved me fiddling with the salt dispenser in the dishwasher while on a break. I now have a burn on my hand. Who knew that ice water and salt burns the skin???!!

I left my iPhone in my back pocket while having a wee which dropped down the toilet, so that spent the next 12 hours in a box of rice.

While I shouted and panicked, my 4-year-old fell on the floor in hysterics that my phone was in my wee. I also struggled with the fact that I was using rice to save my phone that would, in a couple of weeks, be my only source of food for my family. Do I keep the used rice for an absolute emergency and not tell Matt? He would never know??!!

As the skies turned gloomy yesterday, I realised I didn’t have enough light in my dining room to see my work correctly. Finding a suitable lamp would have meant finding an appropriate plug extension so thought it was a genius idea to use a head torch until my boyfriend came home and said I looked a total wally. Or a miner one of the two!

I sat down my 4-year-old and explained that I would be working from home and the reasons why. She kept asking me if there would be anyone in the office and started to cry. It turns out she thought we were leaving Bobby the dog (Chris Jones dog) on his own to fend for himself as she thought he was a permanent fixture at work.

Full four-year-old meltdown as ‘I do everything wrong’ as was ordered to draw a princess dress she could colour in but did the belt wrong. It was from my imagination, so not sure how she knew the belt was wrong. She cried so much her throat hurt (not coronavirus just a self-inflicted sore throat) and apparently this was my fault too. I have heard ‘I am hungry’ seven times already.

Well, I’ve put this post together, which was fun, collating peoples responses and putting it all out there so to speak.

It’s nice to see solidarity and how different everyone’s situations are, working from home is a hard thing, and it’s an adjustment.

What have I been up to asides from putting the article together? Well, I’ve been chatting with people online via the live chat system we have in place, just helping out where I can.Lots of chats with colleagues, video calls, being positive and proactive.

Oh yes, Keanu sent me a video of his hamster, I couldn’t help myself, I’m sorry Keanu, I may have added a little something to the video.

The video is also available on the Media Plant Facebook page here if you’d like to share it, awesome stuff, hopefully it’s brought a smile to your face!

Before I forget, it’s Kims birthday, so let’s all wish her a very Happy Birthday, all together now…


How have you found it? Any struggles any positives? Let us know with a comment; we’re all in this together! Don’t forget if you need anything from us we’re a phone call away on 01793 498040, we offer a range of services, take a ganders round see what we offer, or just drop us an email here.

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