Day 5 & 6 Working From Home

Day 5 and 6 Working from home
Day 5 and 6 Working from home @ Media Plant

Well, it’s about time for another entry in the daily working from home diaries. It’s a tough time for everyone at present, so hopefully, this post will break up the monotony and take your minds off of things, that’s the very least we can do.

I consider myself to be quite ‘robust’ (to quote Graham Norton) mentally, but it did all get a bit overwhelming on Saturday, and I had a bit of a ‘teary’ day; however I believe that will be the way this plays out, up days and down.

In my last blog to you, I was telling you of my discovery that technology is really quite good.

However, this weekend, when the sun came out it underlined a bit of balance is needed and nature is looking pretty great right now, so we need to appreciate the simple things like the little buds and blossom peeping through now.

Dave helps unpacking, picture of Dave the cat inside a Gusto box.
Dave settling in nicely

We are still getting our Gusto deliveries, and trying to learn to cook, as you can see from the above ‘Dave’ helped me unpack the latest delivery.

In the last two days, Dave has also taught himself to catch mice, three at last count, although not going to include them on the menu quite yet.

That’s a beast of a jigsaw, good luck Kim!

Yesterday, I had a glass of gin and a virtual ‘cheers’ with a friend – if anyone else needs me to put my jigsaw down and put myself out and have gin – please just shout.

The office is ever so quiet today. Especially for a Monday morning! Only me and Elaine here (someone’s got to keep production moving!). I usually do enjoy coming in on a Monday and sharing my weekend with the folks.

Seeing what everyone else has done. But being in this situation, we’re all in it wouldn’t of be very much I can imagine!

The office does seem a quiet and lonely place at the moment. I only wish we could all get back to normal today. Keeping positive is vital. Stay happy & healthy!

Not got anything exciting to share today, just the reality that self-isolation is kicking in and we’re going to be in for a looooong summer.

Working on a couple of Video Brochure projects, samples have been sent out with clients video content loaded. Out in the garden homeschooling the kids on DIY, re-felted the garden shed.

Took a maths lesson after starting the day with the joe wicks PE for kids.

One of our account managers Sarah Eden made a video for sharing, it’s over on our Facebook page if you’d like to take a gander. View the video here.

A careful procedure was needed in these troubling times, pop on over to our Facebook page to see it. View it here.

I think we could all do with a giggle, so I’ve curated a few funnies from around the web, that should raise a smile or two. Don’t worry; I’ve kept it clean.

That’s about all from us, so far. We’ll keep updating you as long as you keep reading, so till next time, stay safe and be well.

How are you finding it the moment? Let us know with a comment and share with us how you’re coping.

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