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DVD Fulfilment by Media Plant

What is DVD fulfilment? Well if you’re looking to sell DVDs but do not want to hold physical stock or sell as and when you need them, then DVD fulfilment is perfect for you. Why? Put simply it saves you money and time. How so?

Well you have fantastic DVD content, you have potential customers, you have everything set in place to sell.

However you have neither the time nor the space to hold physical stock or indeed to send them to your potential customers. That’s where Media Plant comes in.

We work with you to ascertain your needs, find out the best solution to suit your selling style. How many DVDs you need, whether you need to ship globally and more.

We pick pack and distribute to your customers, you market your products, you create a buzz, we finish the process off by delivering.

We take the hassle out of selling your DVD content by minimising the process. You sell we deliver, it does not get any simpler than that.

How does DVD fulfilment work?

Good question, DVD fulfilment is incredibly easy to to understand and then benefits are tenfold for your existing business or indeed if you’re just starting out. Take a look at our simple 3 step procedure.

How Many Sales Per Month?

How many DVDs do you envisage selling per month? Do you have artwork and content sorted?

Which Platform Do You Use?

Which selling method are you using? Your own website, Clickbank, Amazon, eBay, e-junkie etc. Whatever it is we can work with it.

We Are Notified

Whatever platform you use as long as we are notified, we can ship directly to your customer, worldwide.

Have questions about our DVD Fulfilment service?

If you do have any questions about our DVD On Demand service or indeed require a quote on DVD On Demand then please feel free to fill out the form.

If you would prefer to contact us via telephone and speak to a member of the team please do so on 01793 498040.

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How many sales do you generate per monthplease enter a quantity required. Please note we do not offer 1 DVD at this time, quantities over 25 only.
Anything else you'd like to add special instructions deadlines etc.this is the place to add queries 😉
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