Retro Cassette USB

Retro Audio Cassette USB. One band stood out with a unique USB to capture their audience’s attention.

Audio Cassette USB Drive

Retro Cassette Shaped USB Drive Project

The Audio Cassette USB project was created for a band who wanted to stand out from the competition.

The band elected for a retro USB cassette shape complete with sticker to give it that old school feeling.

The unit itself is red in colour (choices are black / white / red) and really stands out, complete with the sticker it certainly looks like an old audio cassette.

The band in question is called E L L I S I O N, you can find out more about the band itself on their Facebook page here.

As part of the process we did listen to some of the tracks by E L L I S I O N and one particular favourite of ours was WreckMe featuring Pixii, it’s an awesome track.

A USB that looks like a cassette?

Yes, this awesome USB was indeed designed to look like an audio cassette popular many moons ago.

With the resurgence of all things retro, such as Vinyl and what not, E L L I S I O N looked to embrace a new way to reach out.

The USB is striking and has created a real talking point in the Media Plant HQ!

Cassette Tape USB Drive Features:

  • Choice of three colours for the Cassette USB from White / Black / Red
  • Optional full colour printed sticker with track details on both sides
  • Optional Cassette tape holder
  • Optional J-Card printed insert to give it the finishing touch
  • Various USB memory sizes available i.e. 512MB, 1GB, 2GB and upwards


Cassette tape USB
Cassette tape USB

Audio Cassette USB Drive

Like this Audio Cassette USB?

Are you in a band? Perhaps you’re looking for an alternative to CDs or Vinyl and want a new way to stand out from everyone else.

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