Custom USB & Packaging for Skydiving company

GOSKYDIVE CUSTOM PACKAGING & USB SOLUTION. Q. How do you present the gift of a life changing experience?

Custom USB & Custom Packaging

Media Plant helps with a step in the right direction.

GoSkydive are one of the UK’s premier Skydiving operators, with a team of experienced professionals specialising in tandem parachuting.

With an ever expanding customer base, GoSkydive were looking at interesting ways to promote their Christmas vouchers.

That’s where Media Plant came in. Ideas were pushed back and forth until we both came up with something that would be:

A) interesting to potential buyers.
B) offer a real wow factor for the recipient.

Buying a tandem jump for someone is a big deal, and those looking to purchase one for a loved one or friend want it to be a special occasion, with a brief in hand we came up with following.

Credit Card USB Design

First up was the credit card size USB, the USB itself has a full colour print on both sides. The idea behind the GoSkydive credit card USB was to show the receiver of the voucher what they can expect on their tandem jump.

It had to be eye catching, the aim was to draw attention to the USB inside the custom gift voucher box. Once the initial ‘oh my gosh’ factor had died down, it was down to their pre-loaded USB video to finish the job.

Custom Box & Packaging

The voucher itself was already done by GoSkydive, however presenting a potentially life changing experience posed a problem. It needed to be presented in a memorable way.

Through consultation with GoSkydive a presentation box concept was born. With a custom foam fitment for the the credit card USB and the gift voucher itself. A foil block was also added to the front of the box to give it a polished feel.

The Finished Product

Media Plant were on hand from concept through to completion. Delivering a unique gift voucher experience for GoSkydive customers.

GoSkydives custom gift voucher box and USB solution was a real joy for us here at Media Plant.

Offering a unique experience to end users was our mission and a custom packaging solution that we are both extremely proud of. We wanted to create a memorable product.

Mission accomplished.



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