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How do you increase donations to a worthy cause with a Video Brochure?

Promotional Video Brochure For Leading Charity

Video Brochure Project: World Vision UK Charity

We love working on different projects here at Media Plant and love it even more when they are truly unique. The World Vision Charity Video Brochure project was just that. Something different and something that can help make a real difference.

Using Video Brochures for something a little different

Whilst many charity organizations do their level best to raise funds and inspire others to do so, sometimes thinking outside of the box or adapting a different approach can make the difference.

World Vision UK wanted a unique way to approach potential sponsors couple that with giving them a rewarding experience and a human element to sponsoring a child.

Whilst sponsoring a child is a wonderful thing to do, World Vision UK wanted to make the experience even more impactful.

Charity Video Brochure project a go go!

With key factors in place such as ensuring the project was cost effective not to mention the ability to personalize each Video Brochure. Personalize? Yes World Vision UK wanted the ability to show a specific childs picture on the front of each and every video brochure.

We were on hand to come up with a solution, namely that of a plastic front cover with a slit so pictures could be slid in, thus reducing costs overall and meeting budgets.

Not only was it a cost effective way to personalize and communicate who the child was in question it creates a connection with the potential sponsor. This in turn led us to the booklet that again is unique to each child, how would you display that?

Well again to keep costs down and ensure the end product was unique and relevant we created two flaps on the inside of the front cover. This meant that a booklet could easily be placed inside and be one of the first things the recipient would see (along with the LCD screen).

Video content for brochure itself

Keeping with the trend of personalization each Video Brochure had one standard video and one from the child introducing themselves and how they help.

Thanks to our in house duplication facilities we are able to duplicate the Video brochures on demand ensuring the video matches the booklet and the front cover photo.

Promo Video Brochure specification:

Well this particular brochure has a 2.8 inch LCD screen, a front see through sleeve and an internal pocket. It also has a headphone socket if being used in a loud environment such as a shopping centre or outside via one of their representatives.

It also has a front perforated speaker and volume up down buttons for those that are hard of hearing.

Charity Video Brochure Charity Video Brochure Charity Video Brochure

Like this Video Brochure?

Are you in the charity sector? Perhaps you’re looking for a way to grab potential donors attention.

Well what better way than with a Video Brochure? If you would like to get in touch to discuss them further pick up the phone and call us on 01793 863901 today.

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