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Running An Exhibition Stand A Guide By Media Plant

Running an exhibition stand can be a daunting prospect indeed, however all is not lost read our tips on making sure your exhibition stand stands out.

You have your product range be it physical, virtual or service driven, showcasing your company and making sure you stand out above the competition is not just about how pretty your exhibition stand looks from a design perspective.

It is important to have a professional exhibition stand (obviously) and coupled with our tips below will ensure you get off to the right start and stand out from the competition.

Do Your Exhibition Research

Firstly do your research prior to be at the event, are your competitors exhibiting at the event? If so where are they on the exhibition floor planner?

Are your competitors attending?

It’s always wise to seek this information when planning your exhibition, the last thing you want is to be next door to your arch-rival!

Visit the event website.

What’s the footfall expected to at the event? Every exhibition website will list a range of info such as last years exhibition attendee figures and usually expected for this year as well.

In fairness event organisers usually send packs out with all the information in them, however it doesn’t hurt too take a look at the website, mainly as websites can be updated quicker than traditional print packs.

There may well be relevant new news about the event that could be of interest. Either visit the website or sign up for an email newsletter, keep one step ahead.

Accommodation For Your Exhibition

This is more important than you think. Dependent on your exhibition stand size this will in turn affect how many people will be manning it.

You need your staff to be bright eyed and bushy tailed, no one will visit your stand if all your staff look tired from a lengthy trip from a hotel outside of the area.

Ensure you book a hotel early, shop around but try to find something local within your budget, no one will want a long commute to a show.

Book Your Accommodation Early.

In fairness this may well upset some members of your team. Having to commute so far to be at an exhibition early in the morning could lead to dissent in the ranks! Book early, as you can bet everyone else will be trying to find something local a few weeks before the event to no avail, don’t be one of those!

Useful Links For Booking A Hotel For Your Exhibition

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