Media Plant’s Quick Guide To Building A Band Website

Quick Guide To Building A Band Website

So you’re in a band or you’re a solo artist, you use all the usual suspects such as Facebook, Twitter, SoundCloud and more to engage with your fans give them updates and let them know what is happening in your world.

In fairness updating a multitude of platforms can be time consuming it’s easy to lose track of what you are posting and can lead to confusion.

Your music your website….

However with your very own band website you could be up and running and promoting your band or yourself with a unified message.

Ensuring no more confusion of posting all over the place and better engagement with the people that matter, your fans.

So where do you begin?

Well first things first you will need a domain name in mind, such as your domain name would ideally include the name of your band or indeed your solo artist name.

Why? when people search Google or Bing or their search engine of choice you want to make sure your name is shown.

Web hosting, now this is the part you will need to research. There are a number of web hosting companies that offer excellent hosting,  most web hosts offer you the chance to purchase your domain name at the same time as your web hosting.

Remember shop around for a decent web host, more often than not they have deals on so you could save some money!

Another good idea is once you have found a web host you are interested in do a search on them to see how others are finding their services. This will help your final decision no end.


Media Plant's Quick Guide To Building A Band Website
Media Plant’s Quick Guide To Building A Band Website

What about your website platform?

It’s not expensive to get up and running in fact you could have your very own music website quickly and more importantly without spending hundreds and hundreds of pounds.

One incredibly easy to use platform for the creation of your band or solo artist website is a platform called WordPress.

WordPress is a powerful and easy to use content management system or CMS for short, traditionally used for blogging it has grown exponentially over the years to give users the ability to create a fully functional website as opposed to just being a blog.

There are a number of plugins that can be used with WordPress think of it has a giant socket with a billion different holes, each hole can be filled with an ever increasing number of plugins to add additional functionality to your blog.

Most importantly WordPress is free and available as a one click install on most web hosting packages, just make sure to check your web host to see if they support WordPress.

If you are unsure, email them or speak to them over the phone.

Installing WordPress on your new web hosting

Your web hosting is set your domain name is set. Please do bear in mind it can take up to 72 hours for your domain name to go live and be accessible from your web host control panel.

Now no two web host control panels are the same. Sure they all do the same to a degree but if you need help installing WordPress on your chosen web host either Google it or ask your web hosting company, that’s what they are there for to offer support and help when needed.

As mentioned earlier pretty much all WordPress compatible web hosts will offer a one click install and you simply need to fill in the blanks as and when prompted. If however it is not available as a one click install then I would recommend this handy guide on installing WordPress via FTP available here.

Setting up pages for your Music site

The most common set of pages for any website upon set up are Home, About Us, Contact Us and Blog. Thankfully WordPress makes this incredibly easy to do.

Once installed look to your left WordPress admin screen look out for pages click add new and create them. Creating a page is incredibly easy to do.

Just make sure your content is where you need it to be, you can always take a look at our content writing guide here.

Look and feel

Getting the right look and feel for your solo artist or band website can be tricky. However there are templates that will help you along the way.

Thankfully the web is full of blog posts on advice and selections of WordPress themes for musicians and bands.

Many WordPress themes offer additional functionality for your band website actually incorporated into the theme and not via WordPress plugins.

A good tip when looking for music themes for WordPress is to ask the developer questions, check out their support forum and see how responsive they are to offering help with any issues.

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