Reduce Email Marketing Costs With Sendy A Review

Your email subscribers are your bread and butter, loyal and willing to receive news. Some might say that email marketing is dwindling slightly and that direct mail is making a resurgence, however you cannot ignore email marketing in the main. It’s an essential part of your marketing mix.

There are countless platforms to help you create and send emails all stacked with more features than you can shake an angry stick at.

However they all cost money to a degree some more than others, but what can you do to help save costs and still deliver your quality email campaigns?

Say hello to Sendy

Sendy in essence its a self hosted email marketing platform. No need to pay monthly fees to the likes of MailChimp, Campaign Monitor and others. Sendy sees you taking complete control with your very own email marketing service. For those looking to bring their email marketing in house Sendy might be just the ticket.

Let’s take a look at what Sendy has to offer in terms of features…

Subscriber Lists

Sendy allows you to import from a CSV as well as export users. So if your migrating from another platform this can be done with relative ease. Separate your lists and create new ones, section your email data and more. All can be done within Sendy.

Sendy also supports custom list generation, so if you have an email subscriber list that has contact name, email, business type, and other data all these fields can be imported as long as you name the header sections appropriately and of course remember to save them as a CSV for importing.

Reporting With Sendy

Sendy Email Marketing Review

As you can see from the above Sendy offers a range of reporting options. With full reporting on opens, unsubscribes, clicks, bounces and more. It’s not as robust in terms of reporting compared to the likes of MailChimp, however it does an adequate job of capturing useful information for you to follow up on.

Sendy Email Marketing Review
Reporting with Sendy gives us link activity along with a detailed list of who opened the email, who clicked on the link and more.

Obviously reporting is only as good as the data you put in. So for your own good the more structured the data in terms of fields imported the better your results for follow up.

Plus if you have a sales team you want to chase up the response from your latest campaign you can download and export those who opened, those who clicked and more.

A useful tool for those looking to utilise the reports rather than just archive them.

Autoresponders With SendySendy Autoresponders

Thankfully Sendy allows you to set up a range of autoresponders for pretty much anything you need. Need to send an email to your subscriber base on their birthday’s?

Sendy has you covered. Want to send an autoresponder to new email subscribers? Again Sendy has you covered.

Autoresponders depend on the data you import to Sendy, so ensuring your data is top notch will help no end when setting up autoresponders.

Have More Than One Brand?

Sendy brands
If your business has more than one product or brand fret not. Sendy can separate products/brands into different sections, that way there is no confusion when creating an email to send out to your subscribers. Think of it as partitioning your data.

This is an incredibly handy feature in fairness, those of you who work in email marketing will know that you need to double check absolutely everything before you hit send.

The brands feature helps take away one element and simplifies the process of creating brand/product specific newsletters.

Create Your Own Email Marketing Company?

Utilising the brand feature in Sendy can in fact allow you to charge for services. You can set up your own email marketing platform for others to use and set charges accordingly.

Give clients access to a control panel for them to manage their own campaign and of course subscribers.

All payment processing is covered by PayPal, so all you have to do is create a new brand adjust the settings, set your charge rate and you are done.

Creating A Campaign In Sendy

Creating a campaign in sendy
This is worth noting and may put some people off. If you are used to the drag and drop functionality of other email marketing platforms then Sendy is different.

You need to know HTML, you really do. Email campaigns can take time to create in HTML and if you do not understand it, you may well face an uphill struggle.

That being said HTML is not overly complicated and is very well documented so you can always Google it if you get stuck, be warned it can be a little difficult stick with it and you can create some great looking campaigns.

Subscriber Forms & Other Features

Sendy also creates a HTML form that can be cut and paste into a web page. This form is relevant to the list you create.

So if you wanted to generate a list for website sign ups you would create a new list and click on the subscribe form link and simply cut and paste where you need it to go.

As well as this Sendy also lets you schedule email campaigns specific to times you need.

This is done through CRON jobs, not all web hosts support CRON jobs, however there are some websites that offer CRON services for relatively small fees per month.

The simplest way to describe a CRON job is that it’s an automated scheduled task configured in your web host where you have Sendy installed.

Once configured you can elect times of day to check for scheduled posts and automate their sending.

All is not lost if your web host does not support CRON jobs you can still use Sendy, however scheduling campaigns would not be achievable.

What Costs Are Associated With Sendy?

Now this is the interesting part. Sendy works with Amazon SES which is Amazons very own email sending system.

It stands for Simple Email Service, essentially rather than using your own email address to send emails you can dictate a send from email and let Amazon SES do all the leg work.

For example if you wanted to send emails from you would need to sign up for Amazon AWS (Amazon Webservices) and add the email address to Amazon SES.

For more information on Amazon AWS & SES can be found here.

Now the cost part. Initially Amazon SES has a cap on email sends in 24 hours, you can send 10,000 emails in this period.

However as long as you meet the requirements and are not spamming (high bounce rates etc) then you can easily increase this.

Amazon charges $0.01 per 10,000 emails. So lets say you have 100,000 email subscribers and you wanted to email them all assuming you have increased your 24 hour send limit this would cost you a total of $10.00.

The Sendy platform itself costs $59.00 for one licence, it’s a one time cost and gives you access to future updates.

So the cost savings using Sendy on your own domain are quite something special. Sure it takes some work to set up and you need to know HTML, however if you are looking to save some money on email marketing and are confident with the above then give Sendy a go. I use it here at Media Plant and in fairness it is really rather good.

Would you benefit from an in-depth guide on installing Sendy and how to use it? If so let me know with a comment!

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