10 Best USB Designs 2016 By Media Plant

We Love USB Here At Media Plant – Here’s 10 Of The Best USB Designs We’ve Worked On.

We really do, we work on a wide range of projects for small to medium enterprises, large corporates and individuals. There is of course your standard branded USB with a logo and data on it, which is great don’t get us wrong.

However working on custom USB projects, with and without packaging is something we relish. Nay something we stand head and shoulders above the rest at.

We’ve worked with some of the leading brands in the business creating innovative USB solutions to meet client brand needs.

Everything from custom shapes, custom data loading and a lot more besides. So with that in mind we thought we’d delve into our portfolio and show you some of the custom USB projects that we absolutely love.

Custom Truck Shaped USB
Custom Truck Shaped USB

Truck Shaped USB

This one was one of the favs around the office. Working with Eddie Stobart we delivered a reproduction of their famous haulage trucks as a USB.

The level of detail on this USB was quite astounding, they actually ended up for sale on the online Eddie Stobart store. Read more about custom the truck USB here.

Gant Video Brochure In A Box
Gant Video Brochure In A Box

Branded USB & Custom Video Brochure

This next entry whilst not just a USB on it’s own it’s part of a custom Video Brochure with foam fitment. However the USB really does finish this particular client project off quite nicely.

It’s a standard USB complete with a company logo on it. Like we said it just compliments the overall design. Read more about this USB / Video Brochure project here.

Custom USB With USB Packaging By Media Plant Ltd

USB In Custom Box With Print

This USB had it’s very own custom made USB packaging to house the faux leather keyring USB. With two logos on either side embossed it gives off an air of a high grade USB.

With 16GB memory and a professional finish the client loved the end result, which makes us happy. Find out more about this custom USB here.

Bespoke Packaging & OTG USB

Bespoke Packaging & OTG Branded USB

OTG USB (which means you can use it on mobile devices using Android OS) branded with company logo, all packed into a custom USB box.

The idea of the box was emulate a smartphone box, to give the feeling of excitement as part of a direct mail campaign. Read more about the OTG USB & custom box project here.

A Custom Queens Guard USB

Custom USB In Shape Of Queens Guard

Another little favorite of ours here at Media Plant, namely the Queens Guard shaped USB. We actually produced this for a leading hotel based in London.

It’s a fun piece of USB technology and great for tourists and alike. Find out more about this USB here.

Tracker bar custom USB

Custom USB In Shape Of Tracker Bar

Working in conjunction with Mars Confectionary Media Plant came up with a custom USB solution in the shape of one of their leading products.

Namely the Tracker bar, complete with a high level of detail this USB is a firm fav here at Media Plant. Read more about the Tracker USB here.

Custom USB in shape of Castrol oil bottle

Custom Castrol USB

Media Plant were approached by Castrol UK to create something to help them promote a new line of product.

Thankfully taking a full client brief we created this custom USB in the shape of their new product with of course, a high level of detail. Find out more about this USB here.

Rugby Ball USB For Aviva

Rugby Shaped USB

A USB in the shape of a rugby ball. Yep we did one. Actually we did it for Aviva to coincide with their sponsorship of Rugby.

As you can see the level of detail is very high indeed. If you would like to find out more about this sports related USB you can do so here.

Custom USB Shaped Like A Running Shoe

Custom USB In Running Shoe Shape

Custom USB for leading sports shoe manufacturer ASICS, the design was in one of their product lines and contained a great level of detail to be representative of the product in question.

If you would like to see more images of this particular project then please visit the portfolio page for this custom USB here.

Poker Chip USB By Media Plant

Poker Chip Shaped USB

This particular custom USB was created to help with one of the account managers here target the gambling industry.

We thought something along the lines of a poker chip would be eye catching and stand out to potential prospects.

This USB came pre-loaded with HTML files about why you should be using Media Plant for marketing projects, you can read more about the poker chip USB here.

Thus Ends The Round Up Of Best USBs By Media Plant

Like we said we do love working on USBs here at Media Plant, if you have a USB project that you’re looking to get off the ground why not get in touch with us?

The above USB projects will give you an idea of our capabilities and how we aim to deliver first class quality product.

Why not get in touch on 01793 863901 or take a look at our custom USB design service here. If you just wanted a standard USB with your logo on it you can take a look at our branded USB service here.

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