23 Funny Gifs to make work fly by

If you like a chuckle or two and have a spare few minutes you might want to take a look at some of the rather interesting GIFs we have found on Twitter & Reddit.

Some are a little different, some are cute, there’s no real point to this post if I’m being truthful. Save for the fact it might fill in some time if you’re bored at work.

Not that I am, or indeed have too much time on my hands. Either way, take a look and enjoy ūüėČ

Interesting and funny Gifs found on Twitter & Reddit

Some interesting Gifs from Reddit

I bet the parents of the other kids started a riot

Courtesy of jstrydor

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Courtesy of swordofukyo


Courtesy of thestig8

Sidney Crosby abuses a goalie in bullet time

Courtesy of dannygloversghost

Say What

Say whaaaat?

I hope you enjoyed this blog post and at the very least it perhaps gave you some brief respite from a mundane day or just a break from it all.

Either way thanks for taking a gander and stay tuned for more time killing amusement and such. Toodle pip.

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