Are People Still Buying CDs?

With the recent news that physical media sales for Music CD’s are down this year the main focus for news companies is to state that CD’s are dead. Wait no more CD’s? Never ever again???

Well the media would have you believe that the format is dead on it’s feet and that digital downloads are wave of the future etc, etc ,etc.

Whilst there can be no doubt that digital download sales for music are increasing year by year, there is no real concrete indication that CD’s will disappear into the proverbial ether.

Here at Media Plant we celebrated our 2 millionth disc earlier this week from our in-house CD duplication facilities. The machine is two years old. In that case is CD dead? 

We think not, digital downloads will continue to grow year on year this much is true, however Music CD’s will be around for a long time yet. Why?

Put simply physical media for instance Music CD’s are still extremely popular. The most important factor is the sound quality, CD’s offer a higher quality sound compared with traditional MP3’s available over the internet.

Many prefer having tangible goods, it gives customer satisfaction if they can physically hold a CD Case and flick through the booklet for tracks and read said booklet whilst they listen to their newly purchased album.

As well as a feeling of owning something rather than owning what is essentially a file. You are always going to have two camps, those who prefer to download and those who prefer CD’s

Put that with all the associated DRM that is in place for digital downloads, transferring your CD to your hard drive for safe keeping is a relative breeze to the sometimes restrictive process of moving digital downloads on to different devices.

Unsigned bands will always use CD’s for sale at gigs and to promote themselves, sending in a demo to a record company and grabbing others attention.

Nothing says more to a record company than a CD that someone has poured their heart and soul into, compared to a file on a desk top.

Is CD dead? Not by a long shot.

Media Plant has a variety of CD Duplication & CD Replication services as well as our auto replenishment / on demand CD services if your looking to get your media on to a CD drop us a line.

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