CD & DVD Duplication News: We’ve Just Hit Our 5 Millionth CD/DVD Duplicated In-House!

Our in-house CD and DVD duplication service has just hit over 5 million discs!

5 million CD / DVDs Media PlantOur duplication department at Media Plant has just hit another milestone, we’ve just this minute duplicated our 5 millionth disc (which incidentally was a CD!).

Over the years we’ve had a wealth of companies and individuals looking to either get their CD duplicated or indeed DVD duplicated.

It’s thanks to those customers we’ve been able to achieve this milestone, so massive thanks to all concerned!

Fast CD Duplication

We often get asked what is the difference between CD / DVD duplication and CD / DVD replication. One of the differences is speed, our in-house CD and DVD duplication service can see customers receiving their CD or DVD (complete with packaging) produced within 3-5 days! Now that’s quick.

Speed is one of the main benefits of duplication, and thanks to the volume of work we go through every month we offer some of the best CD and DVD duplication pricing around.

In fact we work with a multitude of other companies offering DVD and CD duplication services and do their work for them, why? Because they need quality for their customers and that’s why they come to us.

We’ve not duplicated 5,000,000 CDs/DVDs because we offer a poor service, the exact opposite, it’s because people have trust in the quality of the end product and our service levels.

High quality CD / DVD Printing

Our in-house CD / DVD printing service sees a high quality print applied to the on-body of the disc, with UV curing technology, which means your CD / DVD print will not smudge.

Just because we offer in-house duplication of CD and DVD, it doesn’t mean we only offer discs duplicated, far from it many of our clients just want print only CDs / DVDs.

Looking to for CD Duplication or DVD Duplication?

Whether your in a band, record label, film company, promo video company, software company, offering CD or DVD catalogues, we can help.

With our fast turnaround duplication service and a wealth of CD packaging and DVD packaging on offer, we’re your number one choice for CD / DVD Duplication. Why?

There’s thousands of customers who use us and trust our quality and speed. Why not join them? Request a quote today on your CD or DVD needs simply call us on 01793 498040 or use the contact form below to get in touch!

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