Reasons You Should Use Media Plant For CD Replication

CD Replication – here’s why you should use Media Plant ūüėČ

Our CD Replication service is enjoyed by countless individuals and businesses throughout the UK and Europe.

With so many companies offering CD Replication we thought we’d let you know why you should use Media Plant for all your replication needs.

We’ve been around for 9 years

Which in the world of CD replication is¬†quite a long time, we’ve worked on thousands of CD replication projects over the years.

Our experience coupled with our knowledgeable staff means we are ideally suited to help with your CD project.

Cheap CD replication

Well, Media Plant does offer a cost effective CD rep service, the web is awash with people who will do it on the cheap.

In fact we often have people come to us with replication prices that seem too good to be true.

Unfortunately they often are. Often people are left with sub par product that’s not fit to sell online or indeed in a store.

The old adage ‘buy cheap buy twice’ applies. Media Plant offer cost effective CD replication prices that can fit in with any budget. That’s why people use us again and again, that and the service levels of course!

Short run CD replication

Yup we can cater for low quantities sure. Not everyone want’s 100,000 CDs replicated from a supplied master or files.

No siree, we have clients who use our CD rep service for short runs. These can be 200 units along with all the trimmings, CD packaging and such.

CD Replication Turnaround times

The process for creating a replicated CD is quite a lengthy one in fairness (don’t worry we won’t bore you with the details).

However Media Plant can turn your CD around with full printed packaging, CD booklet (whatever you need) in 7-10 days. Which I’m sure you will agree is a rather rapid service! ūüėČ

Business knowledge

It’s through working with different and diverse companies and individuals that our knowledge has grown exponentially.

Each individual account manager here at Media Plants has different sector knowledge.

Knowledge attained from real world scenarios, which means whatever your business needs or indeed application for CD replication we will have the right person for your CD project.

Manufacturing processes

As a majority of the individuals at Media Plant have backgrounds in manufacturing it means our quality assurance systems are incredibly stringent. Nothing leaves our door unless we are happy you are happy.

Repeat business we want you back

Yup well we do, we want you to come back to us time and time again. That’s why we look after every single business or individual that comes to our door.

No matter if you’re a small company or a large corporate. We value your custom and to that end that’s why we’ve been so successful as a business over the years.

If you have any questions or indeed queries or would like to talk to us about CD Replication then call us today on 01793 498040 or if you want a quote on CD Replication then please visit our CD rep service section here.

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