Flappy Bird App Gone

The Flappy Bird Has Landed – (he isn’t taking off again either)

Here at Media Plant the Flappy Bird app on iPhone has been bantered around with some calling it rubbish and others enjoying the simple game mechanic and quest for a better score.

Joe one of our Directors managed to gain a score of 37 pipes and has been seen grinning like a Cheshire cat.

Myself and my colleague Nathan only managed 2 or 3 pipes, mainly due to the fact it’s no Angry birds as we scoffed at it and swiftly hit delete. Much to Joe’s delight, who reveled in our inabilities and basically called us losers.

Flappy Bird app disappears from iPhone and Android stores

However there can be no denying it’s addictiveness with some around the interwebs losing sleep over it and in some cases ending marriages.  Flappy Bird is now no more the developer a Dong Nguyen posted a tweet.

This tweet has led to over 140k retweets, it’s not yet 100% clear why he has pulled the app for iPhone and Android.

The game itself was a free download and was ad supported, with revenues purported at $50,000 per day (according to cnet)

Citing he cannot take it anymore may be an indication of the fame this app has garnered with daily installs hitting the tens of thousands (on both platforms) and YouTube overspilling with Flappy Bird videos extolling high scores and cheats etc.

I’ve seen this game before, haven’t I?

Some of us in the office had noticed that the game beared a remarkable resemblance to a game on Addicting Games simply called ‘Helicopter game’, in fact Mashable actually ran a piece on this here. Interestingly enough it essentially feels like the same game except with a helicopter and mountain ranges, rather than birds and pipes.

This tweet was mentioned in the Mashable article which is quite interesting reading:

So why do you think Dong Nguyen pulled the game from both respective app stores? Have your say below.

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