Google Winter Gear We Received A Smashing Hat

Google Winter Gear A Rather Lovely Hat/Beanie

If you are reading this post you will have no doubt received a lovely white hat/beanie in some custom packaging from Google themselves.

Whilst we receive countless things through the post such as CD masters, DVD masters, artwork etc. This one caught our eye, in particular my eye.

What with the weather being somewhat penguin friendly this arrival from Google was warmly received. In fact I took it and sported it proudly around the office like a magnificent peacock, and a warm one at that.

Google Winter Gear A Marvelous Idea

What got me is that being in marketing (as I am) if I am talking about this then how many others are? One things for certain it has created a talking point with everyone in the Media Plant office trying it on and making remarks.

Did The Google Winter Gear Get My Attention? Yes.

That to me is powerful marketing, it brought up a conversation about Google and the product it was highlighting which in this case was Google Adwords. Sometimes that’s all it takes is something unique and interesting to send to your client base.

Has it worked? Well I think so. In fact I am still wearing my Google Winter Gear beanie/hat. Take a look at the Winter Gear gallery below.

As a company we were not involved in this particular marketing campaign. However that’s not to say we could not have helped Google 😉

If your business is looking for something novel, unique even to send to clients or you have an idea for a marketing campaign via direct mail.

Get In Touch With Media Plant Lets See If We Can Help Your Business

Get in touch, Media Plant help brands/companies throughout the UK with innovative marketing solutions from custom packaging, Video Cards, USBs, cover mounts for flyers/magazines and much more.

If you’re sitting there looking at your Google Winter Gear hat and think I wish I did that ‘what a great idea’. Just get in touch with us on 01793 498040 we’ll more than likely be able to help you out. 😉

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