Happy Birthday Joe

Happy Birthday *Trouser Press

Joe Fox a Director at Media Plant, has recently turned the big 40. The usual went on in the office, a collection for Joe for gifts and wares, as well as the standard Birthday card, signed with jovial quips and general well wishing.

*Trouser Press:- a well meaning term, due to Joe’s uncanny ability to summon Alan Partridge at will.

Yesterday, some members of staff came up with a few ideas on how to create an impact for Joe after his trip away playing in a golf tournament (which he lost incidentally). We will now refer to this as a three pronged attack or stages if you will.

Stage One The Chair:

pallet wrapped chair

First steps were to pallet wrap his chair, this included the following:

  • A balloon just in case he decided to pierce said pallet wrap – a loud noise would be emitted that no doubt would give him a fright
  • Box shavings, for added effect.

Stage Two:

The print out of embarrassing pictures of Joseph at periods of his life. No 4oth Birthday, would be complete without embarrassing pictures, who knew he had long hair at one point? I certainly didn’t. Said pictures were adorned on any surface capable of being mounted.

Stage Three The Wall:

Box wall

The wall or the ‘beast’ as we now refer to it, was constructed after a foraging mission in our packaging department. This then saw our more than capable production team and some of our sales team construct the ‘beast’, many hands made this light work indeed.

The Arrival

With a jaunty stroll into the office Trouser Press was in for a shock. To gauge his reaction we can only really do this via the power of video, see below for his reaction.

The Inevitable Breakdown

Not a mental breakdown you understand, however Joe is incredibly efficient and was eager to get back to his working day. You can see this in his stance, he’s ready for action.


Around the 5 second mark he does indeed channel Alan Partridge, both with his fighting style and inevitable hoisting of trousers, thus giving his legs more purchase with a powerful kick.

Joe also shows concern for the boxes, buy stating he’ll put the boxes back together, ever the Partridge.

Happy Birthday Joe, from everyone at Media Plant, you’re a legend.

Do you want to make Joe even happier on this special occasion? Place an order with him, there’s nothing like watching his little bearded face crack into a knowing smile, couple that with a slow motion fist pump.

Email joe here: joe@mediaplant.co.uk


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