Nathan hits the big 30 we unleash the clones

Nathan has been with Media Plant for 5 years now and is one of our senior account managers. Senior being apt as Nathan hit the big 30 yesterday. So we thought we would do something a little different for him.

The usual birthday fair ensued with cards and what not from the people at Media Plant. However we decided it would be quite fun to print off a picture of Nathan when he had flowing locks and essentially cut his eyes out and mount his face on sticks.

You could say that sounded a bit Vlad the Impaler(ish), we just like to be a bit different. So we sent Nathan out to production while the rest of us donned our lovingly prepared masks and awaited Nathans return.

He was a little dumbfounded at first however he found it amusing as he faced 9 versions of himself singing ‘Happy Birthday’.

In fairness it was probably quite spooky.

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