The Perfect Case For Video Brochures

Video Brochure Project: Working With The Big A To Make Something Special.

Media Plant was lucky enough to be involved in with a rather special project using our Video Brochure solution.

One that’s unique and quite frankly was the perfect fit, we’re tremendously proud of this particular project and working The Big A (a creative & marketing agency) was an absolute joy.

This particular Video Brochure needed to incorporate a gorgeously designed brochure that highlighted the work of artist Ghizlan El Glaoui.

Video Brochure Specification:

The unit itself is A4 in size with a 7 inch screen it incorporates 3 function buttons which are play/pause, volume up and volume down.

As this particular unit needed to house a brochure about Ghizlan, a custom fit inside pocket was added.

Video Brochure Ghizlan

The Ghizlan Video Brochure was completed as a hardback to give a professional book feel and finally printed with a lithographic matt laminate finish.

Rather than us tell you about the project let’s here from The Big A themselves:

Video Brochure Project Info

Ghizlan El Glaoui is an artist with shows world-wide and has been featured in many publications from the Financial Times to Hello magazine and El Pais.

She blends traditional art with technology to create a changing image by using lighting that can be controlled by your iPad.

Video Brochure Ghizlan

The issue was that printed material didn’t express how the art worked and actually caused more confusion.

The video brochure was the perfect vehicle for this project; there was no other approach that could visually express how the lighting changes within Ghizlan’s art.

Video Brochure Ghizlan

It was also ideal for adding a technological slant – an important aspect of her art.

Adding the pocket for the printed brochure meant that after viewing the video, suddenly the printed material made sense.

The brochure was printed on some beautiful shimmering paper while the video focused on simply communicating the unique aspect of her work – the lighting

It’s a product that does so much more for Ghizlan than just a brochure or website.

The reaction has been amazing – the impact can be seen by the look of astonishment on the faces of people viewing – then the realisation kicks in “but….how?” They turn it round as if trying to understand a magic trick.

It really is the perfect marriage of print and technology. A lot goes into to a project like this and Media Plant were fantastic at guiding us through the process. They were as excited as us about seeing the end result.


Alex Hearn, Marc Schlossman

About The Big A:

The Big A is a creative and marketing agency. They specialise in finding your A game – enticing your target audience by making you stand out.

Most of our business is by recommendation – clients who want to take a step up in their communications or need something memorable that really works.

Whether it’s websites, branding, exhibition graphics, brochures or another tactic: The Big A use smart strategic thinking and creativity to ensure you get results. | | Tel: 0207 183 9910

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