Powerful Video Marketing Are You Interested?

The question itself may seem like a strange one, and for some, the simple answer may well be ‘Yes!’ For others they may well ask ‘eh?’ or ‘What is video marketing?’ let us explain. 

We at Media Plant have just launched our Video In Print service.

Harnessing the power of your corporate video/presentation mixed with our generally quite remarkable LCD Video Brochures means your customers will have a unique, unrivalled and immersive experience.

Our LCD Video Cards offer your potential customers/clients a real visual tool to learn more about your business.

You have sales staff out and about visiting a wealth of potential prospects with the aim to close business.

Video Brochures By Media Plant
Video Brochures By Media Plant

However, your business may well be one of the long lists of appointments your potential client has arranged to find a supplier/service. Armed with promotional material you aim to showcase your companies services and products.

All is well so far. However, the only thing that a potential customer will remember when you leave the meeting will be a series of things:

  • Pricing, were you competitive?
  • Your service(s)/product(s) did they meet their needs?
  • Personable, did you come across well?

The above is a typical example of a sales pitch/meeting, and what you will be remembered for the minute you walk out the door. What if there was a way to increase your chances of being recognised?

What if you could showcase your products via video and pique your potential client’s interest with a visual tool?

LCD Video Cards/Brochures are the ideal way for your company to get remembered for the RIGHT reasons.

When you leave the meeting, why not leave your LCD Video Brochure behind to ensure your potential customer recognises you and more importantly shows others within the company.

Out of all the visits or meeting your client has over time, the one visit they will remember is the one who was innovative and forward thinking.

We are not here to say traditional print is dead, that’s far from the truth. Direct mail has grown over the last few years, our Video In Print service is an evolution of traditional print; it’s not here to replace what is still a timeless and effective marketing medium.

Like all things, though every method of marketing needs a boost, our LCD Video Brochures are just the thing to give your stunning print design the perfect accompaniment.

If you would like more information about our LCD Video Brochures, then take a look at our Video In Print Service here,or feel free to contact us on 01793 863901 to discuss your requirements.

Haven’t got the time for a chat, no problem. We understand your busy, why not use the contact form below and get in touch via email.

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