We like to be transparent here at Media Plant, so we thought we’d share our experiences with you on using Video Brochures.

Video Brochure

The Do’s & Don’ts + Tips

In this article, we will cover some do’s and don’ts based on our customer’s experiences; hopefully, this will allay any fears or misconceptions you may have when thinking of using Video Brochures for a future marketing campaign.

Along with some killer tips on how to run a successful Video Brochure marketing campaign 🙂

Ready? Let’s get started.

First things first, it all starts with your data. There you have it. Data. What do we mean by data? Whenever your thinking of a direct mail campaign, your data is vital.

Businesses are only as good as the data they hold.

It doesn’t matter if you’re sending out a B2B piece of direct mail or a Video Brochure if your data is junk, you’ll get no return.

Love your data, it defines your business

By data we mean, pre-qualified or at least regularly cleansed data, such as a contact name, position within an organisation and the correct company address.

We had one client we managed a direct mail campaign on Video Brochures for. Everything was in place, great looking artwork for the Video Brochure itself, excellent video content, a team on standby to get sending. Ticked all the boxes!

Our fulfilment team worked hard to ensure the Video Brochures sent out via direct mail went out on time and smoothly.

Guess what?

We started to receive Video Brochures back to us, with not known at this address, or no longer at this address. Invalid address data, contacts no longer at the company are just a few of the reasons the campaign failed.

Time and money. Both wasted.

All down to data.

Video, ah you sweet temptress, people love video content. Decent video content can make or break a Video Brochure campaign. We’ve worked with some awesome clients here at Media Plant.

We’ve had video content that’s made us cry with laughter, made us think about things, made us go “WOW” in unison and more.

Want to know the secret to a successful Video Brochure marketing campaign? Keep it short; keep it light, keep it fun (if possible).

Think of a Video Brochure as a means of distributing your video content directly to an individual with no other interference. Right in front of their eyes, it’s an experience.

Video Brochures open the doors to an experience; your video content is that experience.

So quality video content is of paramount importance.

As is playtime, nobody and we mean nobody is going to sit there Video Brochure in hand and watch 20 minutes of video content.

Once the initial wow factor of a Video Brochure has subsided, it’s time for your content to shine. Remember this key point:

If you can’t explain your product or service in a short time frame, say 3-5 minutes, Video Brochures aren’t for you. Keeping it short and to the point is the order of the day.

Keep it short

People have a short attention span, Video Brochures are an excellent way to stimulate someone visually, but the appeal will wain over the length of the video content.

Keep it short.

If you want to engage potential users, personal video content is a fantastic way to do just that. How so?

Well, we’ve worked with several clients who have personalised their Video Brochure content. It works.

As simple as recording a video, greeting the individual by name and introducing themselves. Then on to the product or service, and lastly a testimonial.

It’s a great strategy; let’s break it down:

Introducing yourself to a recipient by name, this creates a more personal feel and warms the user to the marketing material. With a hey, this is exclusively for me!

Remember to keep intros short, users have a short attention span if anything personalising the video content will increase this, but be wary of making it too long; a simple 20-30 second intro is plenty.

Next, your product/service video content. You have a users attention, and you have their buy-in. It’s time to pique their interest with your offering.

Again simple and effective communication, not war and peace.

Testimonials are a fantastic way to nail your campaign. If you have video interviews with users of your product/service, have these as the last video. It’s a home run.

We have a personal touch, product info, and why you should work with us.

A quick tip: We’d advise (if you decided to go down the above route) to have a Video Brochure with a previous and next button, that way users can skip back and forth between videos!

We’ve worked on some truly stunning Video Brochures here at Media Plant, from an artwork perspective. And we’ve also worked with some duds.

Branding/artwork is critical, messy artwork with too much going on will detract from the overall experience. With Video Brochures, less is more.

A Video Brochure on point

Simple with clear messaging, remember the recipient might not even know or have seen a Video Brochure before. So this is your chance to get your point across and wow them.

Your artwork is on point, video content #awesome, data up to scratch, all key points. You’re good to go. If you have taken the time to get the above right, you will be successful, without question.

Don’t forget, if your Video Brochure game is on point, your campaign is likely to get shared around the office.

Let that sink in.

Yes, shared around a recipients workplace. Increasing your message audience, raising awareness on your product/service.

How do we know this? We’ve had phone calls from clients who’ve had just that.

People love to share something new and innovative; it’s in our very nature to do so. Let the recipient advertise your brand/product/service, by showing others in the workplace with a “Hey have you seen this? It’s pretty cool!”.

Might sound daft, but it’s true.

We’ve had numerous phone calls from companies who have received Video Brochures in the post sent by us, and think they are a great way to get a message across.

Mind Blown image courtesy of Giphy

Now, if we’re getting those kinds of phone calls, imagine what your business could be getting.

It’s a no-brainer.

We’d love to work with you, and if you’d like a quotation on Video Brochures or just want to chat about them for a potential campaign, we’re all ears.

Not literally all ears, that would look strange. Anyways, call us on 01793 863901 or use the form below to drop us a line. Look forward to hearing from you 🙂

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