Working from home day 7 At Media Plant

Working from home day seven
Oh yes and a baby is born.

Are you starting to lose your mind working from home? It’s hard, especially if you’re not used to it, and these are strange testing times for us all.

As part of our working from home diaries, Media Plant is here to share with you what’s been going on in our respective houses. I’ve been overwhelmed with response as to what team members have been up to working from home, so I guess all that’s left to do is share it with you all.

Working from home is interesting, getting used to having to make my own tea, but Ernie is having trouble with the concept that I cant make a fuss of him when I’m trying to work.

Ernie helping
Anybody else thinks this cat looks sarcastic and put out?

I amazed and so appreciative of the customers of Media Plant who are still doing what they can to pay their invoices, which in turn enables us to pay ours and hopefully keep everyone ticking over – until life is more ‘normal’ – talking of more normal, I have often wished to work at home but right now am missing my colleagues, thank goodness for Lees Mac d’s in the freezer, Bobby’s self-isolating pic, Sarah’s Ant video and Laurens unicorn hat….

Don’t even know what this is called.

I think nature is trying to make everyone feel a bit less bleak hence the above. However day one of me following my mums gardening tips, involved me gently ‘pruning’ the holly bush until I lost my s%£t and got the saw out …… who wants a holly bush anyway?

A couple of mentions I want to make, Sian and Joe, you guys are amazing during this time of crisis.

And HUGE CONGRATULATIONS to Clare and Matt, on the arrival of Master Crocker, so glad he’s here, have a 2-metre virtual hug from us.

Which invariably leads me on to the following:

Our very own Clare Crocker gave birth to a beautiful bouncing baby boy earlier this week, on behalf of everyone at Media Plant, we wish baby Crocker and mum and dad all the best!

Baby Crocker catching some zzzz’s

No names as yet, a few have been bantered around, someone in the office mentioned a few names such as Quentin Quarantino Crocker, Thanos, and a few others I can’t repeat.

I’d expect nothing less of these two in truth. Both Lauren and Sarah have applied to help the NHS and hopefully will be accepted, we’ll keep you posted, some of the duties they will be responsible for:

  • Collecting shopping, medication or other essential items for people who are self-isolating and delivering it to them, dropping off on their doorstep..
  • Transporting patients that have been discharged from the hospital to their homes.
  • Transporting equipment, supplies or medication between the NHS services and sites.
  • Phoning people that are self-isolating alone that could be very lonely.

I hope they get accepted as they could really help make a difference to others, so fingers crossed for them and massive praise for attempting to do their bit to help.

Lauren did cite one of the reasons she’s volunteered for the NHS is to get away from this annoying bleeder.

Picture of a cat that looks the same as Kims slightly miffed picture of a cat. Is it the same one?
Is this the same sarcastic cat that Kim has?

Picture of hand covered in paint from painting a fence.
There was an attempt

*I say tried. If the objective was to get more on your hands than the fence, then this effort was not in vain. Scott had this to say:

You should have seen my face, it’s was a big ass fence.

It was only a matter of time before one of us breaks. It came as no surprise that it would be Lee.

Last seen in the wilds of Lee's freezer. For posterity reasons, image shown is of a Bacon Double Cheeseburger.
Last seen in the wilds of Lee’s freezer. For posterity reasons, image shown is of a Bacon Double Cheeseburger.

Lee has managed to save two Bacon Double Cheeseburgers, safely tucked away in his freezer. He thought he’d share it with everyone on MS teams because you know it’s the right thing to do and all.

Selfish s*$t, anyways, he has one left now after buying a caravan home in Cornwall with the other.

Oh yes, before I forget, Lee’s also created an Instagram profile for his dog Teddy, feel free to follow Teddy here.

It has been fun working from home. It’s allowed me to exercise more, and I’m also more conscious of eating more healthily, making my mindset and health feel much better.

I also enjoy the peace and quiet from Josh’s constant jibber-jabber.

Not too much been going on to be completely honest, Ben, my time now is spent on developing my customer relationships talking about things that aren’t work-related and just being a friendly ear.

Ben on Microsoft teams performing some inappropriate finger gestures

I’m pregnant! Naa joking, I have started to exercise and meditate to get through this troubling time.

I also learnt that the sun could have blown up 7 minutes ago, and we would have no idea and that a battery is basically a can of electricity.


Image taken from Giphy
I feel enlightened, do you?
I’m sorry Joe, I couldn’t resist dude.

Really getting into the swing of it now and my tech (oh cashback) is performing beautifully, apart from my Apple earpods could do with some longer life batteries

Landed a project for Video Brochures and now working on projects for VR viewers.

My children – eldest son, accidentally hitting youngest son in the ear with a badminton racquet. He said it was an accident.

Taking the bike ride with the children as I had promised them all day, work was getting in the way, and they have been so patient. It was nice to see all the rainbows in the houses around the neighbourhood.

A highlight of my week was Joe mentioning that one of our suppliers sent us some face masks, so I popped round and picked them up.

My wife works as a nurse, so gave them to her to give to the hospital to help out. So thanks Joe, appreciate that as does the Mrs!

It’s Friday, and ordinarily, at any other time, we’d say something like, hope you have fun getting out and about at the weekend!

Which would be wrong, stay home and stay safe, tune in to more from the Media Plant work from home diaries and see you next week.

Be safe, be well and above all else…

Till next time.
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