Working from home? You’re not alone. We’re in this together.

Are you working from home?
Are you working from home?

My names Ben and I’m the marketing manager here at Media Plant, and I thought I’d share some thoughts with you all about the current situation.

Usually, I’m the faceless entity that writes up content on the Media Plant site, so big hi to all.

I think being transparent is vital. That’s why I’ve put something together that might help YOU as an individual when speaking to others, during these testing times. Please note I have not taken this from Facebook or Whatsapp (in case any of you are wondering!!)

Right to get things straight, I think we all need to realise something. This situation is not ideal, to allay any fears we need to be aware of what’s going on and what can happen.

This is what I think (all I do is think) it’s a curse.

The situation is crazy, and we can all agree on that, working from home is a strange concept for most. People at Media Plant and people who are used to a working environment, engaging daily with others. It’s going to be a lonely time for everyone.

You’re your own best company. It’s true, and you might not believe it. But you are. Working alone is hard, but the mindset needs to change, sure it’s going to feel strange and weird for most, but it’s the current state of affairs, and we all have to deal with it.

Make small changes from your routine, boot up the P.C./Laptop whatever device you’re on, first thing in the morning. Grab a coffee, toast, or whatever it is that you’d usually do before you go to work. You know your pre working day ritual, keep it going. It gets you into a mindset.

Don’t sit there in your dressing gown; you’d be surprised how much this can affect your mood.

From a mental perspective (I know this) it doesn’t feel like you’re at work. Wear something comfortable sure, just don’t sit in your P.J.s. Trust me this works, get dressed, get ready for action.

Don’t I repeat don’t have tabs open monitoring news websites about the virus, this is going to affect your mood.

You’ll feel defeated and wonder if this is all worth it. Again trust me, you’ll be affecting your mental health, it is what it is, and it’s beyond your control.

You cannot defeat or control this on your own; all you can do is adhere to the advice given by the government.


Get up and walk around; this is important. Take a moment to reflect, stretch your legs, grab a coffee (or your drink of choice), make sure you drink plenty of fluids and eat something for crying out loud.

Get some exercise, work out. Even if it’s going up and downstairs a few times, got an exercise bike? Dust that bad boy off and go for a spin, any exercise equipment you have, get it out give it a whirl.

If you’re feeling lonely, call a colleague, you’d be surprised how much this can help a person’s mentality. It doesn’t have to be work-related, spare five minutes, make a call have a chat.

You may end up inspired by a colleague, share ideas, come up with something new. Who knows? You don’t until you do it.

Remember this: Other individuals may have never worked from home. It’s an adjustment phase for them. Some will see this as an opportunity to do sweet F.A and ride it out.

This mentality will wane.

Everyone will adjust, after a couple of days, guilt will set in, and people will do their utmost to make sure their business survives. That could mean queuing up orders, and it could mean making plans for the future.

Be it a small business, more significant companies, etc., and it’s all about adapting. People aren’t going to take up your services as much as they would have done before this situation. I get that, deep down, we all do. That’s a fact.

If you want my advice (some of us are isolated so captive audience) when you do speak to customers or people you have quoted. Don’t ask them if they still want the quote or product.

Ask them how they are. Ask them how they are coping.

People are going to be scared right now. A friendly voice in light of this pandemic is what’s needed, ask them questions, how THEY are coping, how THEY are doing, how THEIR business is dealing with Covid-19.

Believe me, when I say this if I got a phone call from somebody asking me about the quote I had or order chasing it down, my first reaction would be, it’s cancelled due to the virus.

I’d put the phone down and call them an insensitive so and so.

Don’t do that.

Be personable, build up a rapport, remember we are all in this together, doesn’t matter what industry we’re all going through the same thing.

For some individuals who don’t have family, or have many friends, the office may be there only way of meeting people daily.

They’re going to feel awful, bear that in mind when you do speak to people. Not everyone has a family and can feel incredibly alone. A calm understanding voice may mean the world to them.

When this is all over, and it will be at some point, the companies you have spoken to will remember you. For the right reasons, because you cared.

Remember doing the above is not for business reasons, it’s human; being human in these troubling times is what it’s all about. A sympathetic ear and an understanding voice can make a world of difference.

That will go a long way, remember everyone is scared, many will be working from home and may not even speak to people, they’re going to feel the same as you, isolated.

Business is all about people; without people there would be none. Be in the people business, pick up the phone, reach out and make someone’s day, by being human and caring.

Have any questions or queries, how are you doing presently? What’s your ritual like working from home? Leave a comment and let’s have a chat, we’re in this together.

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