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Media Plant your media partner of choice

Media Plant as a company are well known for the duplication and replication of CD and DVD. Our services are used by thousands of companies and individuals all looking for quality duplication and replication.

Our customers both new and old enjoy using a company that values the same qualities that they do. A fast efficient and high quality service.

We haven’t been in business for over 9 years for no good reason. We have continued to grow year by year, how? By offering quality services and actually listening to and working with our customers.

Why not take a moment and have a look at what we can offer your business.

Media Plant the ideas people
Media Plant the ideas people

CD Services

We have a wealth of CD services to help your business. We offer a no nonsense approach to CDs. We advise and work with you to help you get the most out of your project.

Built for you...

Our CD services are specifically tailored to our clients, over the years we have honed and refined them. Making them incredibly easy to use.

Media Plant CD DVD Duplication & Replication

CD Replication Services

CD Replication by Media Plant, this service is for those who crave lots and lots of CDs, if your looking to replicate CDs to a mass scale and want to save money in doing so, welcome.

CD Replication is a low cost alternative to CD duplication and ideally suited to those looking for more than 1000 + CDs, if your planned CD project is looking to go big, then this service is for you.

CD Duplication by Media Plant

CD Duplication Services

CD Duplication from Media Plant, you could be in a band, you could be a software provider, a solo artist who knows? If you need a quick turnaround for your CD then CD duplication is the perfect way to go.

With turnaround times from 24 hours to 5 days, Media Plant are on hand to help you get your CD out the door in double quick time.

colourful printing

CD Printing Services

CD Printing, countless hours have been spent on creating your CD content. Don’t ruin it with a shoddy CD print that looks like your best friend did it as a favour. Get quality, use Media Plants CD printing service.

8 page CD digipack with slipcase

CD Packaging Services

Never be bland. With our complete range of CD packaging. Everything you can think of and then some. From CD Digipacks, CD Jewel cases and a whole lot more besides.

cd on demand

CD On Demand Services

CD On Demand when you need things done quickly, well how does a 24 hour turnaround time sound? Sounds good doesn’t it? Our CD On Demand service is a great way for customers to get the amount of CDs they need, when they need them.

Once set up we can offer you a 24 hour turnaround for your once we have all the assets you need to put on to the CD. Find out why CD On Demand is becoming even more popular.

CD Fulfilment

CD Fulfilment Services

You sell we deliver. Looking to sell your CD without the hassle of actually creating the CD, packing the CD and posting the CD? Well now you can with Media Plants CD Fulfilment service.

DVD Services

Media Plant has a wealth of DVD services to fit all budgets, thanks to our in-house services we can provide you with a quick turnaround on DVD duplication, DVD on demand, DVD fulfilment and much more.

Take a look below at what we offer, there’s sure to be something that fits your needs.


Did you know? That all of our CD & DVD duplication is done in -house. Meaning were on hand to help with any last minute needs.

DVD Replication By Media Plant

DVD Replication Services

DVD Replication the mass manufacture of your DVD content. DVD Replication is ideal for large runs of film or software or files that need larger storage space compared to a CD.

Cost effective and with a wide selection of DVD packaging options at your disposal.

DVD Duplication

DVD Duplication Services

DVD Duplication, looking for a quick turnaround of your DVD? Or perhaps you have an urgent deadline you need to meet.

Whatever the case our in-house DVD duplication service is just the ticket.

DVD Printing

DVD Printing

You may not need to have any content put onto a DVD or have content already. With that in mind why not find out more about our high quality DVD printing service.

dvd case large

DVD Packaging

DVD packaging with more options than you can shake a stick at. A very big stick indeed. Everything from DVD cases, DVD wallets and much, much more.

Media Plant

DVD On Demand

In a hurry? Need your DVD duplicated when you need it? If the answer to either of these question is yes, then say hello to DVD on Demand by Media Plant.

We can duplicate your DVD within 24 hours once you have an account with us!

DVD Fulfilment

DVD Fulfilment

Not enough time in the day? Want to sell your DVD and don’t want the hassle of picking and packing each order? Say hello to DVD fulfilment by Media Plant.

What else does Media Plant offer?

Media Plant forward thinking
We’re not mindless robots!

There’s more to us than duplication & replication

Here at Media Plant we like to think of ourselves as forward thinking and of course your potential media partner. Sure we offer duplication and replication of physical media, that’s a big part of our business. Over the years our clients have loved our work and asked us if we offer other services.

Adapting and growing with our clients we have become the go to place for thousands of companies throughout the UK. Rather than becoming a jack of all trades we have evolved to offer specialist services and products with knowledgeable and supportive staff who can help your business grow.

Memory Products, Custom USBs, Branded USB, Video Brochures, Promotional Products

As mentioned Media Plant is not just all about CD and DVD services. In fact our clients enjoy everything from our USB memory duplication service to branded USBs, Custom USBs, Video Cards/brochures, Promotional products and more. Take a look below to see what we offer.

Memory Products

Memory Products

Everything from branded USB sticks, custom USB design services, SD Card, Hard Drives covering memory duplication and custom branding options.

With a full suite of memory solutions, we are sure to have something that will fit the bill for your brand or company.

Custom USB solutions

Custom USB Designs

Custom USB design services from Media Plant, get your very own custom shaped USB stick. Media Plant has worked with some enviable top notch brands and small to medium enterprises.

So whether you’re looking at a custom USB in the shape of a truck, a goat or whatever you need it to look like, we can do it.

Branded USB sticks

Branded USB Sticks

Branded USB Sticks, your logo and your data on a wide and varied selection of USB sticks. We have everything you could possibly imagine in terms of USB.

Thanks to our strong relationships with suppliers we can even source specific ones for your company. View our range and see what we offer.

Custom Packaging

Custom Packaging

Custom packaging and services. Have a product and need to give it an extra boost with some striking packaging? Or perhaps you need to breathe new life into an old product.

Our bespoke packaging solutions will ensure your product presents as it should. In the best possible way.

Video Brochures

Video Cards LCD Video Brochures

Video Brochures from Media Plant. LCD Video brochures to help make your visual communications stand out and be counted.

With plenty of options available to you or your company, no two Video Cards need be the same, check out some examples of Video Cards as well as a video showing what they can do.

Promotional Products

Promotional Products

Promotional products, everything from pens, rulers, notepads and a whole lot more. If you can get your company logo on it, we can do it.

Our supplier network means we can source promotional products and a greatly reduced rate, ensuring the savings are passed on to you.