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About Sarah

Sarah has over 27 years’ experience in the manufacturing/replication world.
Starting off in the factory on manufacturing lines as a screen printer, then moving on to the reproduction department.

Sarah has a wealth of knowledge in these areas which in turn gave her an opportunity to grow and move into sales over 20 years ago, which she still loves to this day!

Her main focus is music labels and publishing, and she really enjoys a challenge. Sarah likes to get her teeth stuck into any project, all the way from concept through to delivery, and gets involved in some really sexy products.

She also has a lot of experience in importing products from Asia, do you remember the days when people used to cover mount CD/DVDs?

Well this died off a while back and Sarah took the opportunity to explore different areas to service these clients.

She now works alongside many publishers in the UK sourcing and supplying the marketplace with publication giveaways, products such as gardening gloves, knitting needles, craft items etc, and more.


Talking…with anyone that will take her call and likes to meet clients in person, you can get so much more out of seeing people face to face, great ideas roll from this. Call her for a meeting, as long as you feed her biscuits and give her cuppa, she will be a happy little camper!


This is a strong word, but I have to say, white van men, she clearly spends too much time on the road and thinks it’s hers lol!… oh she also hates writing about herself. Big up to me.

Spare time

In her spare time Sarah is a little tree hugger and likes to spend time walking and exploring the Cotswold hills, when she can, she also puts her backpack on and travels to some far and wide places soaking up all the wonderful cultures of this amazing world has to offer.

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If you’re interested in speaking to Sarah about your project, give her a call on 01793 863908.

If you’d like to email Sarah, please use the discreetly placed form to do so. Either way, I’m sure she’ll be please you got in touch.

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