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Our customers both new and old enjoy using a company that values the same qualities that they do.

A fast efficient and high quality service. We haven’t been in business for over 10 years for no good reason.

We have continued to grow year by year, how?

By offering quality services and actually listening to and working with our customers. Why not take a moment and have a look at what we can offer your business.

Media Plant


Media Plant Media Services

Media Plant as a company are well known for the duplication and replication of CD and DVD. Our services are used by thousands of companies and individuals all looking for quality duplication and replication.

Take a look at some of our disc services, CDs for bands, music publishers, audiobooks and more. Or why not take a look at our DVD services for film production companies, or browse our Blu-ray services?

CD Services from Media Plant

CD Services

We have a wealth of CD services to help your business covering CD Duplication, CD Replication, CD Packaging, CD Fulfilment, Short Run CD Duplication and more.

View CD Services

Vinyl Record Pressing UK Media Plant

Vinyl Record Pressing UK

Whether your a record label or band looking to get your sound on to Vinyl, we can help with our Vinyl record pressing services.

View Vinyl Record Services

DVD Duplication

DVD Services

Media Plant has a wealth of DVD services to fit all budgets, thanks to our in-house services we can even provide you with a quick turnaround on DVD. After DVD Replication? View our DVD services for more info.

View DVD Services


Blu-ray Services

Have a lot of data? Or perhaps you have a HD film chomping at the bit to get it’s way onto a Blu-ray. Well Media Plant can help with that with duplication and replication of your Blu-ray.

View Blu-ray Services

Media Plant Tech Services

As times have changed so has our business, never one to shy away from challenges our core business has evolved greatly.

We offer VR Goggles, the exceptionally popular Video Brochure product and much more besides. Want shiny tech with your brand emblazoned upon it? Think Media Plant. We have you covered.

Gant Video Brochure In A Box

Video Brochures The Ultimate In Direct Mail

Video Brochures from Media Plant. LCD Video brochures to help make your visual communications stand out and be counted.

View Video Brochures

Branded USB Twisters and USB packaging

Branded USB & Memory Products

Branded USB Sticks, your logo and your data on a wide and varied selection of USB sticks. We have everything you could possibly imagine.

View USB Products

Webkey USB in paper card

Webkey A Paper Based USB Key

Want to send a piece of direct mail? Well how about a full colour printed USB Webkey, complete with your data or even a redirect to your website?

View USB In Print

Cassette tape USB

Custom USB Design Services

Custom USB design services from Media Plant, get your very own custom shaped USB stick. Media Plant has worked with some enviable top notch brands to boot.

View Custom USB

Branded VR Goggles

Branded VR Goggles

Sturdy VR Goggles, for those who don’t like cardboard VR. Looking for something more robust than cardboard VR Goggles? We have you covered.

View Branded VR Goggles

custom VR cardboard goggles by Media Plant

Cardboard VR Goggles

Quality branded cardboard VR Goggles, compatible with Android, iOS and more. Give your VR film an awesome send off, or indeed create an impact for your interactive VR app.

View Cardboard VR Goggles

How Can We Help Your Business?

First Class Service

We are more than confident we can provide a first class service, working in partnership with you to ensure you achieve the results you want.


As experts in the industry we have seen and had to keep up with many changes giving us extensive knowledge of new developments and processes and making the right selection for you.

Forward Thinking

Media Plant have a wide and varied portfolio of product solutions to meet wealth of needs. You could say we’re the ideas people, offering advice and guidance to maximise results.

Cost Effective

We always work within a realistic budget with our clients, offering the right solution at the right price to meet their needs.

Some of the companies we have worked with



Boston Scientific







We Love Feedback. Here’s Some For You.

We take great pride on what we do here at Media Plant, with that we’d like to share some of the feedback we’ve had from satisfied customers.

Media Plant
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 3 reviews
by Video Brochures on Media Plant

The Video Brochure is excellent,we are very proud of it. I’m just about to do some internal promotion of it with our friends in the US - it’s great to have something of this quality to boast about.

by Amber on Media Plant
Video Brochures

The video brochures have been an overwhelming success and really showcased us as leaders in contemporary event venues and digital marketing within the industry.

by Paul on Media Plant
First Class Service

Just to say many many thanks to you and your friendly and efficient staff for a fantastic job and first-class service. You were able turn around our order and deliver to N Ireland within 30 hours. Amazing service and quality of output. You are our ‘go-to’ company for any future work.

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