Express Video Brochures UK

2-5 day turnaround time or sooner on Video Brochures.

Express Video Brochures UK

Are you looking for Video Brochures? Need them turned around in 2-5 days? If you can answer yes to both these questions, we have some news for you.

Your design printed on to an A5 Video Brochure with a 5 inch HD IPS screen (more on that later).

Our express service is for those who want to use Video Brochures as part of their marketing mix, but don’t want to order lots at one time.

Think of it as short-run service, perfect for those who want one unit, or ten, quick service, impressive results.

We don’t hold you to any order quantity, if you only need one unit, no worries. We’re here to help you get the most out of your marketing budget.

Express Video Brochures UK
Express Video Brochures UK
Express Video Brochures UK
Express Video Brochures UK
Express Video Brochures UK
  • Fast turnaround time – typically 2-5 days​
  • Full colour print to front and back cover​
  • Optional printed insert on inside front cover​
  • A5 or A6 in size​
  • 5 inch HD IPS Screen ​or 7 inch HD IPS Screen (A5 only compatibilty)
  • 4 Function Buttons​
  • Personalisation each printed unit can be tailored for campaigns​
  • 512MB memory available​
  • Load multiple videos and skip to the next​
  • No minimum order quantity​
  • Low cost on low runs​
  • Perfect for campaigns where budgets are limited​

Glad you asked, there’s a wealth of different uses for Video Brochures, based on our experience over the last 8 years, here are some potential business cases.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could showcase a property using video with a print on the front of the brochure to give to interested buyers?

Either while they sit and wait to see a consultant, or if you’d like to send via direct mail.

Now imagine the buyer’s responses to your brochure? Can you say sold?

No matter what industry your business is in, being remembered after your meeting/sales pitch is a hard thing to achieve.

Why not leave behind a bespoke printed Video Brochure with your client’s logo (and yours) to show them you mean business.

Be remembered for the right reason, get them talking about the device, long after you’ve finished the meeting.

If you’re in the wedding videography business and would like a memorable way to showcase your skills to clients, then why not use our express Video Brochure service?

Or better yet, why not offer them their very own printed brochure complete with video content of the special day? It’s another tool in your arsenal to win business and offer something different.

We’ve been asked many times by customers if they could just buy one Video Brochure for use as a CV.

The old answer was no, they were too expensive. Now, it’s yes, rejoice job seekers who want to stand out. Record some video for your dream potential company, add a print.

Can you say hired?

You spend a shed load on marketing trying to get your vehicles in front of your customers.

Have a luxury car you want to promote? Why not get some custom printed express brochures made.

Send them directly to clients on your prospect list, hello sales.

Have a list of influencers or people in the business you’d like to approach?

Then why not personalise your Video Brochure? We can print the recipient’s name on the brochure and make it unique to them.

Just an added little touch we like to offer.

If you’re running an event/exhibition and want a way for people to remember your brand/product after the show, why not give them one of our Video Brochures?

Complete with your video content and design, they are a sure fire way to be remembered after an event.

Offer a range of cosmetic services? Why not show your potential clients what you offer with video content.

Obviously complete with your branding.

If you have a particular client, you’d like to say thanks to why not send them an express Video Brochure with a few words from the MD.

Thanking them for their business and how much you value it. Sure beats sending some branded sweets or pens right?

Winning business is hard, with our express Video Brochure solution we could help you win more.

Detail video content of your proposal to your clients, leave it behind for them to ponder it.

Why not offer explainer videos to potential clients of how your care home works?

It’s a useful tool for patients to see visually how things are done.

If you’re in the video content game and want to show off your capabilities to potential clients, our express service is just the ticket.

Your brand and show-reel, send via direct mail, sit back, wait for results.

Whether it’s a luxury product launch, party or wedding, why not send out personalised Video Brochures to your top tier attendees?

Looking to place an excellent candidate within an organisation? Offer your services for recruitment?

Sick of emails getting ignored? Then why not use a personalised Video Brochure courtesy of our express service.

That’s one way to get their attention.

Want a novel way to introduce new starters to your business? Show your corporate induction videos with our express Video Brochure service, make sure the message hits home.

Had enough of the blather?

Need more info before you take the plunge? Take a look at our FAQ.

How Does The Express Service Work?

It’s really quite simple. All you have to do is place an order for how many you need on our order page here.

We will send you a template for your artwork, you send us the artwork, we proof it and send it back for approval.

Once approved, we print it.

Express Video Brochure Buttons

Our express Video Brochures come complete with four buttons.

Play/pause, volume up and volume down and a next button.

Express Video Brochure Printing

We print directly onto the front of the Video Brochure and the back of them.

The only part that doesn’t get printed is the inside of the front cover.

We do however offer printed inserts to attach on the front inside cover.

Screen Size

We offer a 5 inch HD screen with IPS (In Plane Switching).

Which means the screen is viewable from different angles.

More screen sizes will be added!

Express Turnaround Time

Our express services sees a turnaround time of 2-5 days.

Hey if we can do them quicker, we will let you know!

Larger quantities can take longer than 2-5 days.

Battery Life

Typical battery life is 60 minutes of continuous playback.

Are They Rechargeable?

Yes completely, if you change a video or have a different presentation, you can upload a new video on to the card via a mini USB cable. They’re also completely rechargeable via the mini USB cable.

What About A Warranty?

Our express Video Brochures are all covered by a 12 month warranty.

Physical damage to the units is not covered.

Looking to place an order using our express Video Brochure service? You can call us on 01793 863901 today, or order online using the cunningly placed order online box. Place your order online today, limited stock is available, first come first served!

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