Media Plant’s cost effective cardboard VR Goggles. VR for your business without the high cost.

Cardboard VR Goggles

Our custom printed VR Goggles can help your business stand out. Whether you’re looking into Virtual Reality or have a 360-degree film already made, our custom VR Goggles are on hand to help promote your brand.

With a high-quality print finish, complete with designated QR codes and branding our cardboard VR Goggles are the perfect accompaniment to your finished app or film.

Compatible with a majority of smartphones our VR Goggles are perfect for giveaways, marketing campaigns and more.

Our custom solution is inspired by Google V2 Cardboard, with a full-colour print throughout. With either a matt or gloss lamination.

Our VR Goggles not only look the part, but they also are compact and incredibly lightweight making them ideal for giveaways at exhibitions and more.

  • Compatible with screen sizes up to 6 inches
  • 37mm lenses
  • Supports 3D film
  • Works with Google Android / Apple iOS Devices
  • Full-colour print with gloss/matt lamination
  • Conductive button for selection
Cardboard VR Goggles
Cardboard VR Goggles

Our custom VR Goggles come complete with a full colour printed sleeve to contain the self-assembled unit.

With even more room for branding / messaging, you really are spoilt for choice.

Due to the VR Goggles being cardboard they are incredibly lightweight.

Perfect for direct mail marketing campaigns, exhibitions, events and giveaways.

You could even retail them if you so wished.

Have a 360-degree film? Or perhaps a 360-degree virtual tour of your business? 

Then why not show it the way it should be displayed, with our custom cardboard VR Goggles.

Give your customers a real feel of your product/service and let them be immersed in the experience.

Running an exhibition or event? Or perhaps you would like to have a unique branded giveaway product?

Well now you can, you don’t have to have a 360-degree film or app to use our cardboard VR Goggles.

Architecture and building companies who have 360-degree footage of a perspective wireframe design or CAD design of a building could showcase the schematic via our branded VR Goggles.

Helping them win business with a completely different approach to showcasing a design.

In this day and age, many events and concerts are shot in a 360-degree film. Music concerts or specific events could offer cardboard VR Goggles on concession stands as a memento of the occasion itself.

Giving the visitor something to take away from the event, a fully branded souvenir for them to keep.

With prestigious/luxury products comes a level of expectation. You could work in the luxury car business, sell private planes, yachts or high-end properties.

What better way to showcase your premium products, than with a 360-degree film display in a branded high-quality set of VR Goggles.

If you have any questions or ideas in general, please do get in touch on 01793 863901 today.

We are on hand to help you get the most out of your VR marketing campaign.

We’re confident we can help your business with cardboard VR Goggles. Don’t just take our word for it.

Final product looked great, the project was saved.




It was 4.45 pm on Thursday before the Easter weekend. I had just been let down by a supplier of custom VR Headsets. They were a crucial part of the project I needed to deliver to my client. I called Media plant after finding them on a google search.

Sarah was accommodating, called me back (which I didn’t expect TBH) at 5.15 pm. There was communication from Joe during the holiday period, and continuously throughout the whole order.

Long story short; I got what I wanted, in time. The final product looked great, the project was saved, my client happy, and now I will always call Sarah if I have any needs that I think Media Plant can help me with.


Buy Cardboard VR Goggles online. View pricing.

All of our cardboard VR goggles complete with a full-colour print to one side, encased in a printed sleeve, with 37mm lens diameter, with either a mat or gloss finish, packed up in poly bags.

Please do note, that we have a minimum order quantity of 100 units for our cardboard VR Goggles.

If you’re ready to place an order, take a look at our store section, view pricing and buy online.

Cardboard VR Goggles

If you do need any additional help with our cardboard VR Goggles, or have questions, please do get in touch. Just drop us a line on 01793 863901 to discuss your campaign or ideas. If you’d prefer to get in touch with via email, please use the contact form.

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