Media Plant Acquire Direct Corporate Design

media plant acquires direct corporate design

We are pleased to announce the acquisition by Media Plant Ltd of Direct Corporate Design Ltd.   About DCD Direct Corporate Design Ltd (DCD) is a successful print media company that has been in business since 1986. Media Plant and DCD…

Branded USB Sticks & More Updates

media plant update

Branded USB sticks, new colours and pricing! Looking for USB sticks with your logo on them? Well, if you are Media Plant has a range of printable USB drives ready for you to stamp your logo on them. We’ve recently…

How much do Video Brochures cost?

express video brochures
We always get asked this question. It’s the first one people ask, the second? How quickly can we get them made? Find out how we answered both these questions, with a new service.

CD Printing By Media Plant

cd printing

CD Printing services Find out about our top-quality CD prints, and why companies, bands, solo artists and more use them. When you’re thinking of replicating or duplicating your CD for your next music/software project, many overlook the importance of CD…

CD Duplication Vs CD Replication

cd duplication cd replication

What’s the difference between CD Duplication & CD Replication? Looking to produce CDs for your business? You may have come across the terms “CD duplication” and “CD replication,” but what’s the difference? And which one is right for you? In…

PopMid 2022 We’re Off To Portugal

PopMid Media Plant

We’re going to PopMid 2022 are you? Feels good to be out and about again, if this pandemic has taught us one thing, we miss meeting our clients and potential clients. It’s always good to put a face to a…