Welcome to the world of the USB Webkey

Explain yourself, Media Plant, what devilry is this device?

Webkey USB

What exactly is a Webkey?

In plain terms, a Webkey is a USB in a piece of card. There that was hard right? It’s branded up with your company details, with a cut out for a USB.

Why would I want one?

If you’re looking for a piece of lightweight direct mail that’s trackable, why wouldn’t you want one? Complete with your design they can be in any size your greedy little heart desires.

That’s the beauty of Webkeys as a direct mail piece of marketing, they’re quite versatile.

Due to the fact they’re lightweight to boot, they actually could end up saving you money in postage costs.

How? Well, have a 500-page catalogue? You know how much that costs to send right? Well, these are a lot less in terms of weight.

Plus you can store plenty on them, mainly due to the fact they come in plenty of different memory sizes, 256M, 512MB, 1GB upwards.