Webkey USB

Say what now? You’ve never heard of a Webkey USB?

What is A USB Webkey?

In plain terms a Webkey is a USB in a piece of card. There that was hard right? It’s branded up with your company details, with a cut out of USB.

Why Would I Want One?

If you’re looking for a piece of lightweight direct mail that’s trackable, why wouldn’t you want one? Complete with your design they can be in any size your greedy little heart desires.

I Can Track Results?

Yes, yes you can. With a website redirect. All you’d need is a vanity URL of your choosing. Once a user receives one in the post they can in fact redirect to your vanity URL, once inserted into a USB port.

Can I Add Other Files To It?

Yes you can. It’s a USB, you can either go for a straight redirect to URL. Or you can store PDFs, Video content and more on them. They’re effectively a USB after all.

Here’s a Webkey USB

Well as you can see from the image to the right, that’s a USB Webkey. Note the cut out of the USB itself? This particular unit is a custom Webkey built to a specific size with a 4 page layout to convey a message.

This particular Webkey USB is pre-loaded with content from the end client. It contains PDFs and more. That’s the beauty of Webkeys as a direct mail piece of marketing, they’re quite versatile.

Due to the fact they’re lightweight to boot, they actually could end up saving you money in postage costs. How? Well have a 500 page catalogue? You know how much that costs to send right? Well this are a lot less in terms of weight.

Plus you can store plenty on them, mainly due to the fact they come in plenty of different memory sizes, 256M, 512MB, 1GB upwards.

A Webkey USB

New website or product?

Got a new website? Or want to run a special offer?

Whether you’re looking to promote a new website or indeed run a special offer, USB Webkeys could be an ideal choice. With a website redirect you can track results of your direct mail campaign via Google Analytics (or your preferred tracking solution).

You could redirect recipients to a specific offer page, capture emails with a contact form and a whole heap of other web related goodness.

Once a user has received a Webkey in the post and plugs into a USB port, the Webkey will run a command line prompt and open up a designated URL pre-loaded in the user’s 1st choice web browser.

Obviously this is all trackable, so you can gauge how popular your campaign was and see a real return on investment.

AXA USB webkey
AXA USB webkey

Webkey USB Ideas

Here’s a few ideas for using USB Webkeys.

Look we’re not here to fill your head with mumbo jumbo, we are here to give you a few ideas on how Webkey USBs could be beneficial for your business or help with a marketing campaign.

Release the ideas from our nimble eager minds.

Mail Order Catalogues

Replace that tired old catalogue with a USB Webkey, loaded up with your PDF brochure. It will save you an arm and a leg in terms of mailing as it’s lightweight. You could even add a html redirect on the USB to redirect them to your website.

Product Launches

Got a new product? Want to launch it in an innovative way? Perhaps you have thousands of clients you want to share your product launch with, however you don’t really want to send them war and peace in terms of printed materials. USB Webkey it.


Running an event or exhibition? Perhaps a seminar. Either way why not send out an invite to your event with a website redirect for users to register their interest. A simple yet effective way to get bums on seats.

Got your own ideas for the Webkey?

Did You Know?

Well if you do why not get in touch with us today on 01793 863901 or fill in the form for a quote. Webkeys can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes, and come with a range of memory options available to you.

If you want to offer something a little different from the norm then why not consider the Webkey USB for your next marketing campaign, product launch or mail out.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

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