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Branded USB sticks, new colours and pricing!

Looking for USB sticks with your logo on them? Well, if you are Media Plant has a range of printable USB drives ready for you to stamp your logo on them.

We’ve recently updated our branded Twister USB drives, to incorporate a range of colours. This is due to popular demand, not everybody wants a plain black Twister USB stick, and after speaking with numerous clients, we’ve added more choices. 

Black Twister USB – With White/Silver Clip

Black has always been the most popular colour, and we’ve printed thousands upon thousands over the last few months, it’s a stalwart in our USB range. Extremely popular and durable.

Take a look at the below for images of black Twister USBs, one with a silver clip and one with a white clip.

Red Twister USB – With White/Silver Clip

We’ve been asked a number of times, can we get the Twister USB in red please? Well, you asked, we listened. Red is one of the new 4 colour options available, take a look at the below:

Yellow Twister USB – With White/Silver Clip

How about a yellow USB branded with your logo? Now in stock is the yellow Twister USB, available in different memory sizes, ready for your logo, and data! See below for examples:

White Twister USB – With White/Silver Clip

Again, we’re often asked about white Twister USB drives for branding. Rather than turning business away, we’ve added them to our range. So now when we get asked, we can say yes! Yes we have them in stock!

Blue Twister USB – With White/Silver Clip

Last but not least is the blue Twister USB. We’re expecting this one to do very well indeed. With either a silver clip or white clip, your logo will pop on these branded USB drives! Take a look at the examples below:

Twister USB pricing and important information

Despite the colours of our Twister USB drives, there is absolutely no difference in price between them. While we could charge more for unique colours, that’s not our style. Never has been, never will be.

We have a schedule of discounts available, based on 3 different memory sizes. Currently, we offer all of our Twister USB drives in the following memory sizes: 4 GB, 8 GB and 16 GB.

We offer a full colour print, to one or both sides of the clips on our Twisters, again no difference in price for this service. Couple that with free duplication of your data, should you require it.

Oh? Did we mention it’s FREE delivery to mainland UK addresses? No, well, now you know. If you’d like to take a look at our Twister USB range, use the rather obvious button below.

In other news, we’re offering free Video Brochure samples!

We’ve lost count of the amount of times we’ve been asked for a free sample of our Video Brochures. Truth be told, we’d send samples out, then the sales team would chase them up to return the units back to us.

It really didn’t make sense. We discussed this internally and unanimously decided, let’s simply let potential clients keep them. It saves us time, and it’s less hassle for all concerned.

So it came to be. You can now request a free Video Brochure sample from us. Keep it, it’s yours! If you’d like to find out more information, please see our request for a Video Brochure sample page here.

More stock in of our Express Video Brochures

These are going great guns at the moment, we’re seeing lots of sales. Why? It’s the turnaround time, superfast, and with no minimum order quantity, clients are taking full advantage of both. 

So if you’re looking to use Video Brochures, for a presentation, meeting, or launch of a product/service, and only need a few, take a look at our Express Video Brochure solution here.

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