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A huge Video Brochure project by the team at Media Plant. Find out more?
Video Brochure book with compartment

Design stages, multi-language versions, & more

Video Brochures come in many shapes and sizes, from business cards, boxes, A5, A6, and beyond. We get lots of requests for the weird and the wonderful when it comes to Video Brochures.

This project, well, it’s rather wonderful.

Scott, one of the directors here at Media Plant, had to pull out all the stops. This was no small undertaking, this was a high profile client, and the end results had to look nothing short of amazing.

The Video Brochure had to house multiple documents, and a USB, detailing their range. While that may sound simple enough, it was a multi-stage process, with various designs going back and forth.

Once the design was agreed upon, the next stage was dimensions, how many documents do you need to fit in the Video Brochure, how big is the USB? Thankfully, we had access to all the materials and could make the necessary arrangements to ensure everything fitted as it should.

After this was the separation of artworks, with hundreds of the brochures being manufactured, specific countries had set amounts of Video Brochures.

We had multi-language versions, from French, German, Dutch and more. Each language version had its own literature and content for the USB. Not only that, they also had different video content on them, depending on the country requesting them.

That’s where our in-house packing department saved the day, collating all the printed materials, and our in-house duplication service, ensuring the right video content was on the brochures.

The final stage, logistics, we handled all the delivery worldwide, and provided all the relevant tracking information for the client.

The end result, a very happy client, and an excellent job by the Media Plant team, under Scotts guidance.

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