Happy Birthday *Trouser Press

Happy Birthday Joe

Happy Birthday *Trouser Press Joe Fox, a Director at Media Plant, has recently turned the big 40. The usual went on in the office, a collection for Joe for gifts and wares, as well as … Read more

Media Plant

Macmillan Coffee Morning At Media Plant

We’re incredibly proud of our newest staff member Lauren Webb who has held Macmillan Coffee morning successfully in the past. She recently came up with the idea to host one here at Media Plant, and we … Read more

Rugby Ball USB

10 Best USB Designs 2016 By Media Plant

We Love USB Here At Media Plant – Here’s 10 Of The Best USB Designs We’ve Made. We work on a wide range of projects for small to medium enterprises, large corporates and individuals. There is, … Read more

Are people still buying CDs?

Are People Still Buying CDs?

With the recent news that physical media sales for Music CD’s are down this year the main focus for communication, companies are to state that CD’s are dead. Wait no more CD’s? Never again??? Well, … Read more

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