What is a Video Brochure?

So what exactly is a Video Brochure? Everything you ever wanted to know about Video Brochures (but were afraid to ask).

Chances are you’re in one of two camps: Camp A) You’ve never heard of them or camp B) You’ve heard of them and maybe even seen one.

Either or, Media Plant is here to clear up some myths and tell you more about them.

The anatomy of a Video Brochure

Video Brochures in their simplest terms are a hand assembled card based product with either a TFT or LCD screen housed in them. They have an onboard sound chip and USB memory for holding video content.

Once a user receives one and opens it a video will autoplay (with sound) and greet the user with product information / an intro about a business and much more.

Video Brochure screen sizes

This section will cover the sizes available for the screens within the Video Brochures themselves. Screen sizes available range from a 2.4 inch screen, 4, 4.3, 5, 7 and 10.1 inch screen.

*Screens are measured from corner to corner diagonally, exactly the same way you would measure an LED television at an electronics store.

Obviously the physical size of the Video Brochure is screen dependent. So for example you could not fit the following screen sizes into standard Video Brochures:

  • 10.1 inch screen will not fit into an A5 sized unit
  • 7 inch screen will not fit into an A6 sized unit

It’s quite simple to understand. It’s all relative.

How do they play video content?

There is in fact a few different ways Video Brochures will play your content, there are two ways. Either upon opening the Video Brochure itself “autoplay”, or via the use of a button configuration.

How do Video Brochures autoplay?

Put simply a magnetic seal breaks and this tells the unit to start playing the video content. This is one method of autoplaying video content there are other methods available as well such as:

  • Magnetic seal activation
  • Trigger activation – a small plastic trigger which functions in the same way as mag seal
  • Light sensor activation – autoplay starts when light source triggers sensor
  • Motion sensor – unit detects human movement and will start to autoplay


A5 Video Brochure tri-fold with 7 inch screen
A5 Video Brochure tri-fold with 7 inch screen

Video Brochure button configurations

If autoplay is not for you, then you can in fact have an on / off button. This button actually is singular. Press once for on, press again for off. Very simple and easy to understand.

Button configurations do not end there. You can in fact have a wide array of functionality added to your Video Brochure. There are plenty of options available to you in the manufacturing process.

Button configurations:

  • Play / pause – can be single button as per the on / off button or split between two buttons
  • Previous / next – this would be two buttons, one for previous video and one for next. They simply skip between the video files (if you have more than one video file)
  • Volume up / volume down – this is a two button configuration, useful if the Video Brochure is being used in a noisy environment or the recipient has hearing difficulties

*It’s worth noting here, that button configurations can be totally bespoke to your needs. If you have more than one video, you could add a label under an icon to denote the title of a video. Once this button is pressed it will play that specific video. See below for an image of a previous work using this feature:

Video Brochure button configuration example
Video Brochure button configuration example with text to denote video content

Icons for button configurations

You can use any image you would like for a button in fairness. Many use uniformed designs that are universal in their depiction of various functions.

Video Brochure memory options

This is where many get confused, there are a wealth of memory options available. These vary from:

  • 128MB – 80MB usable the rest is used for the Video Brochure operating system
  • 256MB – 180MB usable the rest is used for the Video Brochure operating system
  • 512MB – 470MB usable the rest is used for the Video Brochure operating system
  • 1GB – 900MB usable the rest is used for the Video Brochure operating system
  • 2GB – 1.8GB usable the rest is used for the Video Brochure operating system

There are bigger memory sizes available, however anything over 2GB is overkill in truth. 

What video file types are supported in Video Brochures

We prefer MP4 format it offers a better output than AVI and looks crisper on the screens themselves. Our brochures will also support the display of PNG / JPEG files, so you could have a button configuration which would show an image if pressed.

What other file types can you store on Video Brochures?

As they have onboard memory, in essence you can store pretty much any file type on them. Which is great for storing promotional content, PDFs, files for customers to download and more. The only files that would be shown on screen would be mp4 files or JPEG / PNG’s.

Can the Video Brochures be locked?

Yes, you can in fact lock the content so no other videos can be loaded on to them or indeed be deleted off of them.

How long will a Video Brochure last?

In terms of battery life a standard configuration Video Brochure would last 80 minutes of continuous playback on a standard battery. We do in fact offer different battery sizes to increase duration of playback if needed.

Are Video Brochures rechargeable?

Yes completely rechargeable, simply plugin the unit to USB device such as a PC / Laptop / MAC or indeed if you have a wall plug that supports USB you can recharge from the mains.

Physical sizes of Video Brochures

Business Card Video Brochure
Business Card Sized Video Brochure

Really does depend on what your needs are as a company. We offer a variety of sizes, shapes and designs. In fact we’ve worked on Video boxes and a lot more besides. Typical sizes of Video Brochures are:

  • Business Card size
  • A6 size
  • A5 size
  • A4 size

Video Brochure print finishing

The units can either have a matt litho finish, or a matt gloss. All units are printed to the highest possible standard, and due to the nature of the product there is plenty of space for brand exposure and messaging.

Other types of finishing

We offer various types of additional extras for your Video Brochure these are:

  • Foil blocking – optional colors
  • Spot UV
  • Embossing
  • Debossing

Video Brochure styles / inserts and die cut slots

There is so much that is possible with our range, you can have die cut slots to house a business card, a front insert to hold additional marketing materials. You can have them made in box style with a custom fitment to hold products, tri-fold Video Brochures and a lot more.

Softback or hardback?

Video Brochures can have a softback finish which is 350GSM or they can in fact have a hardback finish. For hardback imagine a hardback book and you’re along the right lines.

Gant Video Brochure In A Box
Example of a custom made Video Brochure by Media Plant

Direct mail packs for Video Brochures

Want a printed mailer for your Video Brochure? Well we off this as well, you can have a fully branded mail pack to send to your clients, or if you just wanted a cardboard mail pack.

Media Plant Video Brochure mailer pack
Media Plant Video Brochure mailer pack

Fulfilment of Video Brochures

If you’re working on a direct marketing campaign we can help with that. Via an excel spreadsheet of your data, we can send via Royal Mail on your behalf, worldwide.

Video Brochure content duplication

If you have a new video at the last moment for your Video Brochure project and need to change it out, don’t panic. Media Plant has in-house video duplication facilities to make those last minute changes, whether it’s for 50 Video Brochures or 10,000, we have you covered.

Video Brochure prices

We do not offer a Video Brochure price listThat’s not us being awkward, it’s us working with you. As the product can be as diverse or simple as your needs to create a price list that covers every single design option would be huge.

That’s one of the reasons that we do not have a price list, the other reason is we work to the clients specific needs / budget.

We discuss everything with you, from length of the video itself, to where it’s being used, why it’s being used for this purpose. We build up a picture and make recommendations to suit your needs, not ours.

Do you want to work with us?

If you’re looking into Video Brochures, or perhaps have worked on a project before and want a competitive quote with high quality results and customer service, please do give us a call on 01793 863901 today. Or fill in the form below to request a quote.

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