How much do Video Brochures cost?

We always get asked this question. It’s the first one people ask, the second? How quickly can we get them made? Find out how we answered both these questions, with a new service.
express video brochures

In this post, you’ll find out a little more about our Express Video Brochure service, how it came to be, and why we started it up, along with some images of previous works. Before we begin, we’ll start with a question.

The Problem: How much do Video Brochures cost?

To be honest? The price varies depending on what you need. Clients usually request something a little different, or strip away specific functionality. This led to us having an issue, there was no set standard to offer clients.

Plus, due to the turnaround time of Video Brochures being 15-18 days, we were getting calls from desperate individuals stating they required them in 2 days!

We were turning multiple people a way every day. We don’t like to turn people away here at Media Plant, but we’d rather be honest and say it’s not possible.

A Change of tact

This got the team thinking. What if we could do that? What if we could turn around Video Brochures in 2-5 days? Give those who require a super quick turnaround a base model to work from. Maybe even two?

The solution: Express Video Brochures

Born out of the need to service clients’ immediate needs, and help them look good in the process. It’s what we do at Media Plant (insert corny tag line here), but it’s true.

We came up with a stock item, well two if truth be told. One an A5 Video Brochure with a 7-inch screen, the other A6 with a 5-inch screen.

The idea was simple, a plain white Video Brochure, one we could print in-house. Using our in-house printer, we are able to print the outside front cover, and rear cover. The only thing we can’t print is the inside front cover.

We solved this, by offering a printed insert we can affix to the inside front cover. There are limits to the printing of Express Video Brochures. We’d rather be upfront with potential clients.

Floating graphics work best, we cannot print the entire front/back covers, due to the method we use. That being said, this hasn’t stopped clients from enjoying a superfast turnaround.

Use cases

We’re always amazed at what clients have used our express service for, here are just a few use cases, maybe you’ll find one that fits your current need?

  • Events/trade shows, we’ve had quite a few clients, who required a fast turnaround of Video Brochures for an upcoming event/exhibition.
  • Presentations, lots of clients use our Express Video Brochures, for meetings/presentations. A meeting comes up, they need to WOW them, cue the express service.
  • Invitations, one client wanted to invite some top flight prospects to an event, with each Video Brochure having the recipient’s name printed on them. Individually printed Video Brochures, with different artwork on each one? No problem, we can do that.

Problem solved

Like we said before, we don’t like turning work away, and using our Express Video Brochure service, we don’t have to. Now when someone asks for a quick turnaround, we’re happy to say yes we can do that!

So how much do Video Brochures cost?

Well, if you need an ultra quick turnaround, backed up by a friendly team on hand to help, here’s how much the Express Video Brochures cost. Quick hint, it’s not going to break the bank, and there’s no minimum order quantity:

Take a peek at projects we’ve worked on

Take a look at some previous works, see what others have been doing, maybe you’ll see something you like the look of.

Still have questions?

We’re on hand to help, if you’d like more information on our Express Video Brochure service, take a look here. Want to discuss them over the phone? Give us a call on 01793 498040. Need to shoot us over an email? Use the form below, either way, we’d love to hear from you. 

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