CD Replication

The UK leader in CD replication, that’s Media Plant.

Looking for CD replication? Then you’ve come to the right place. Media Plant aside from offering in-house CD duplication services offer the mass replication of CD.

With our manufacturing facility we can cope from 10,000 – 1,000,000 CDs with minimum fuss.

Offering you the client a quick replication turnaround time on your next CD project, whether it’s for a software CD, music CD, promotional CD or anything else you would need the mass production of CD for.

Our CD replication service sees your CD audio or indeed data replicated from a master disc and pressed at our replication plant.

With a 10-12 day turnaround time we can replicate your CD complete with on body artwork.

Not only that but we have a multitude of CD packaging options, booklets and more to complete your CD project and get it retail ready for the sales platform of your choice.

Why use or CD replication service?

So you’re looking to get your CD replicated? Good stuff, replicating your CD with Media Plant is as easy as 1-2-3.

We’ll help you every step of the way from helping you with getting your CD artwork just right, advising on CD audio or CD data.

We’ll talk you through CD packaging options and ensure you get the best out of your CD replication project. Want more reasons to deal with Media Plant on the replication of your CD?

We work with you

Everything we do here at Media Plant is for our customers, without them we simply wouldn’t be here.

That’s why we listen to your needs and work with you to ascertain what you need from your CD replication project.

Quality results

As CD replication is a different process entirely compared to CD Duplication in terms of manufacturing.

It does offer a longer turnaround time when compared to CD duplication.

However proper scheduling of your needs and consultation with Media Plant can see your CD project turned around in 10-12 days.

Quality CD Replication

All CDs replicated at our facility are of the highest quality we only use grade ‘A’ polymer during the process.

In fact we only use the highest quality materials available to ensure your CD pressing is given the appropriate finish it deserves.

High Service Levels

We pride ourselves at Media Plant on our service levels. By using Media Plant for your CD replication needs, not only are you using a cost effective solution with a high end result.

You’re also benefiting from Media Plants stringent quality assurance all backed up with fantastic customer service.

Have questions about our CD replication service?

We understand you may well have never gone through the CD replication process, or perhaps you have and are looking at reducing costs or just want a competitive quote on a CD project.

Either way please do get in touch on 01793 498040 or fill in the form and we can get started.

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Other CD services on offer

CD Replication by Media Plant

CD Replication

Looking for CD replication? Then you’ve come to the right place. Media Plant aside from offering in-house CD duplication services offers a full suite of CD replication services.

CD Duplication

CD Duplication

CD Duplication is a great way to duplicate your media, with a quick turnaround our duplication service means you can have your CDs ready in a relatively short time frame.

CD Packaging

CD Packaging

Whether you’re replicating your CD or indeed duplicating it CD packaging is the final touch. With a range of packaging solutions to hand we can cover even the most bizarre of requests!

CD Printing

CD Printing

Fast, quality affordable CD printing. If you’re looking for just a print on a CD then our CD print service is for you. With different print options available we’re sure to have the right solution for your needs.

CD Fulfilment

CD Fulfilment

CD fulfilment isn’t a relatively new concept to the UK, in fact Media Plant has been offering this service for some time. Wouldn’t you’d like to know how you can save and automate your CD sales?

CD On Demand

CD On Demand

Your CD when you demand it. You’re busy we know that and you know that. You are constantly running out of CDs that you’re selling online and need someone to help you. That’s where we come in.

Band CD Duplication or CD Replication?

CDs For bands

Band CD Duplication or replication? Find out which one is right for you, along with reasons to choose Media Plant for your band CD. With our easy to understand service for bands / musicians.

CD Covermounts for magazines and more

CD Covermounts

Everything from kids toys for front covers through to making use of our CD replication and DVD replication services for cover mounted discs. Find out how we can help your publication(s).

Who would typically use CD replication?

Well it can in fact be used by anyone or any company. Typically CD replication is applicable to those looking for large amounts of CDs and by large we mean 500 CDs and above.

Be them record companies, software companies or musicians / bands with a large following who simply need more.

CD Replication in itself is a manufacturing process. Which sees your master CD disc complete with audio or data pressed at our replication facility.

It’s a lower cost process ideal for large amounts of CD and perfect for the retail market.


CD Replication is very popular with record labels, popular bands and musicians. CD replication is low cost solution for the mass manufacturing of music CDs and perfectly suited for audio

Magazine Covermounts

Many of the top magazine publishers in the UK use our CD replication service for CDs mounted on the front of their magazine titles. With large readerships comes a large amount of CDs, publishers use us to help reduce overall costs.

Software / Product Companies

Software companies and indeed manufacturers of products use our CD replication services for the mass replication of installation CDs for software and more.

CD Replication benefits

What are the benefits of CD replication? Glad you asked. The main benefit of CD replication is the cost factor. This is subsequent music to a lot of companies ears.

As we are able to mass replicate large amounts of CDs at a time with associated packaging, the overall cost of manufacture is reduced.

This means the savings are passed over to you the end customer. Another benefit of CD replication over duplication is a retail grade, store shelf ready, end product.

Low Cost High Yield

As CD replication is a manufacturing process and sees CDs created from high grade Polymer the cost of production is substantially lower than CD duplication.

This means businesses can create thousands, hundreds of thousands if not millions of discs with a lower outlay. The more discs you can replicate the more the cost can be reduced.

Retail Ready Product

If you’re looking for a retail ready CD product and need a lot of units, CD replication will have you covered.

You can choose to have the product shrink wrapped or cello wrapped with associated barcodes and more.

Quality Process

As our replication service delivers retail ready CD, we have a stringent quality process. Every single CD that leaves our facility is error checked to ensure the final end product is perfect.