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The Now Vinyl Too Hot To Handle

For their debut album “Too Hot To Handle,” The Now, managed by Gary Trew of Trew Management, partnered with Media Plant to create a standout physical media presence. Sarah Eden, our music specialist, was instrumental in this collaboration. She guided Gary through each phase, ensuring that his vision for the band’s album was realized with precision and care.

Media Plant produced 500 high-quality CDs, each encased in a classic Jewel Case, showcasing our commitment to excellence in CD replication. Additionally, the pressing of 500 180-gram black vinyl records was meticulously managed by Sarah and the team.

The creative vision behind the album’s packaging came from Steve Mulholland, whose direction was vital in crafting an aesthetic that truly represents The Now’s unique sound. Steve’s work can be viewed in more detail here.

This project not only highlights Media Plant’s ability to manage comprehensive physical media projects but also underscores our dedication to quality and client satisfaction. Each step, from replication to packaging, was designed to elevate the band’s market presence, ensuring that fans received nothing short of the best.

Client Feedback

Sarah Eden and the team at Media Plant Ltd pulled out all the stops for The Now when we needed Vinyl and CDs produced before the album launch date of 1st March. Everything came through perfectly in record time and fans are already receiving their copies through the band’s website.

Gary Trew – Via Linkedin

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