CD Covermount Replication for UK Magazine

CD card wallet covermount replication

We were approached by a company a while ago, their current CD replication provider had let them down, Sarah Eden to the rescue!

The company needed a fast turnaround of CDs replicated, from their master CD, to be affixed to their magazine.

Sarah is no stranger to helping companies out of a bind, and thanks to our CD manufacturing service, we were able to turn around the mass replication of CDs in under 12 days. That’s from receipt of the on body artwork, packaging artwork and the actual master.

Now that’s fast.

This project consisted of a top loaded CD card wallet with full colour print, on body CD print and of course the replication of the CD itself. When it comes to publishing, time is of the essence, we like to think we delivered!

The result?

One happy customer and repeat business using our CD replication service!

As well as covermounts for physical media products, Sarah has worked with numerous clients, with sometimes bizarre requests for covermounts. Thanks to her 25+ years of experience of product sourcing, you could say Sarah is a bit of a whizz, so if there is something you’re looking to do for your publication, give her a call.

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If you have a covermount project on the horizon, be it for CD/DVD or something else, feel free to give Sarah Eden a call on 01793 863908.

Or if you’d like to email Sarah to discuss your project, feel free to use the form below, she’d love to hear from you.

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