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Whether you’re replicating your CD or indeed duplicating it packaging is the final touch. We have you covered on that.

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CD Packaging helps you stand out. It’s a fact, striking CD packaging can make all the difference to how your product stands out, whether you are retailing it online or in-store ensuring your product leaps off the shelf is essential.

You want your product to be remembered. Thanks to Media Plants range of CD Packaging solutions this is easily achievable.

There are many, many different types of CD packaging available. Some might say you are spoiled for choice.

Your CD matters and to that end you CD packaging is an incredibly important part of getting your CD out there.

Along with your CD artwork, it’s the finishing touch. Make sure your product stands out with our varied range of CD packaging options

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Card Wallet

CD In Card Wallet

One of the most popular choices for CD packaging, the CD in card wallet. Maximum print area for your product or brand.

DVD Digipak

CD Digipak

Digipaks are a great way to present your finished CD product to the masses. Capable of handling up to 8 CDs complete with your print design.

Jewel Case

CD Jewel Case

The old reliable. The CD Jewel case has been around for years. Robust and with the ability to add CD booklets as well as CD covers and more.

CD Clam Shell

Clam like, the CD Clam shell offers good protection for your CDs. Did you know? We can actually print onto the CD Clam Shell.

Double CD DVD Case

Double CD DVD Case

Have more than one CD? Then why not choose a double DVD case. Great for software CDs add your CD wrap or a booklet for that finishing touch.

CD In Standard DVD Case

CD In Standard DVD Case

Standard DVD case available in black and clear, these are traditionally used for software CDs, CD-Roms etc.

Multi Way Jewel Case

Multi CD Jewel Case

Plenty of space available in our double, triple and quadruple CD Jewel Case. Have a selection of CDs? Then opt for our multi CD Jewel cases.

PVC CD Wallet Adhesive Strips

PVC Wallet Adhesive Strips

Looking to stick your CD to corporate literature, magazine or a flyer? Then our PVC CD Wallet with adhesive strips will have you covered.

CD In Slimline Jewel Case

Slimline CD Case

Looking for something thinner than a CD Jewel Case? Then why not try the slimline CD case, available in a selection of colours.

Paper Wallet

Paper CD Wallet

Another popular option the romvelope offers protection and is presented well. With your CD artwork being the centrepiece.

CD Point Of Sale Stand

CD Point Of Sale Stand

Have CDs you are looking to offer to potential customers? Are they to be distributed in retail stores? Then this option is perfect.

Tamper proof PVC Wallet

PVC CD Wallet

Extremely popular for getting CDs in front of people for a variety of reasons. Low cost and effective.

Stud pack

CD Stud Pack

An alternative to the Digipak, the CD Stud Pack has a foam centre holder for ensuring your CD does not come loose. With plenty of space for information pertaining to your CD.

Tamper proof wallet

CD Tamper Proof Wallet

Have secure CD data? Well then our CD Tamper Proof Wallets add a layer of security.

Walled case

CD Walled Case

Showcase your CDs with this walled case, an excellent packaging choice for volume CDs.

Multi CD Digipak Slip Case

Multi CD Digipak Slip Case

Have multiple CDs and need to hold them all together? Then our Multi CD Digipak slip case will fit the bill.

Printed CD Tin

Printed CD Tin

Different the Screen Printed CD Tin, this tin is upright with the CD not length-ways.

Rigid case

Rigid CD Slip Case

Have a lot of CDs? Then why not give them a rigid printed CD Slip Case. Ideal for volumes of CDs.

Screen printed tin

Screen Printed CD Tin

Want something a little different? Then our Screen Printed CD tins may well rise to the occasion.

Sierra CD Software Box

Sierra CD Software Box

Perfect for your CD Software, with a wide print area, the Sierra CD software box is the ideal finish to any software CD.

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CD Packaging

CD Packaging

Whether you’re replicating your CD or indeed duplicating it CD packaging is the final touch. With a range of packaging solutions to hand we can cover even the most bizarre of requests!

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Whether you’re replicating your CD or indeed duplicating it CD packaging is the final touch. With a range of packaging solutions to hand we can cover even the most bizarre of requests!

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