Best Video Brochure Ever? Say Hello To The Video Brochure Box.

Video Brochure box by Media Plant

Video Brochure Box Project

The best Video Brochure we have made? Quite possibly. This custom solution for our client JCDecaux was a thank you for the business done with them over the year for one of their end clients.

We can’t mention the recipient company, suffice to say the Video Brochure solution had to be premium and like nothing they’ve ever seen before.

It needed to be the highest quality possible and reflect the luxury brand.

JCDecaux entrusted Media Plant with coming up with something different; something dares I say it, unique.

Video Brochure Box Brief

Essentially our client wanted a way to convey how much they appreciated their end clients business over the year.

The Video box needed to incorporate a booklet and some custom USBs complete with the campaign details.

Taking into account all of this and our client wants to achieve that wow factor, I came up with something that would produce the desired results needed.

Video Brochure Box Specification

The unit itself is rather large, as per the client’s specifications, almost achieving a briefcase effect.

The Video Brochure Box had a screen size of 10 inches and incorporated enough memory capacity to show the video content as it was meant to be.

With an automatic start mechanism (video plays upon opening of the box) and some functionality buttons to play/pause and turn the volume up and down.

Ensuring viewers could pause the video content and take out the custom USBs (which we also produced!) or take out the literature housed in the centre.

With a custom foam fitment for the USBs and measured correctly for the literature, thus ensuring a snug fit, and everything on display as it should be.

The internal of the box and the external box came complete with silver foil to emphasise the buttons and the client’s logo.

Lastly the outer of the box had a faux leather finish, which gave it the wow factor, a professional finish right for such a known premium brand.

Video Brochure Box customer review

Our thoughts

I love working on Video Brochures here at Media Plant, I’ve got to be honest this is without question the best Video Brochure we have ever done. It was an absolute pleasure working with JCDecaux, and I for one am looking forward to working with them on another innovative Video Brochure project.

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