Video Brochure Slider

A Video Brochure Slider, the perfect fit for a social media influencer box.
Video Brochure slider

Let it slide

Working with Joe Fox, one of our clients wanted a novel way to introduce a new app to their client’s audience. Well, being different is one of the things we offer at Media Plant. 

Joe was on hand to offer a Video Brochure with a difference. The slider. Or as he likes to call it the Video Brochure Slider, not very imaginative granted, but we’ll let it slide. 

Let it slide

Social media influencer box

As part of a social media influencer box, the Video Brochure Slider was designed to introduce influencers to a brand-new app, and get them on board. 

This particular unit came complete, with a 4.3-inch screen, and of course sound! So the client could tell influencers about their new app, showcase what it can do. 

With a pull tab, the Video Brochure Slider, automatically starts video playback. So the impact of the video content hits the recipient straight away. Couple this with a play/pause button, and volume up and down, users can adjust the volume levels accordingly. 

Coming in at A6 in size, and having a tab/pull system, it fit snugly inside the influencer box, allowing space for other goodies.

It’s hard to demonstrate how this works, so take a look at this painstakingly created GIF:

Video Brochure slider

Video Brochure Slider gallery

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Another successful project by Joe at Media Plant, he really does know his onions. Aside from being a Video Brochure guru, he is also the go-to guy for all I.T. issues here. Much to his chagrin.

If you'd like something similar, give him a call on 01793 498047, or why not use the form below and request a quote.

P.s. Just don't ask him to sort out your network printer.

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