Flat Pack VR Goggle Project

A lightweight VR solution perfect for events, exhibitions, and giveaways.
flat pack VR goggles

Slimline VR goggles for a worthy cause

We haven’t really showcased much on the custom printed VR side of things in our portfolio, and we really should be. That said, here’s a project from a while ago for one of our clients. 

These flat pack VR goggles were part of an activity kit handed out to children and families in Scotland, and the South East of England. As the pack contained other items, they couldn’t take up much space. 

Joe came up with the idea of offering the flat pack version, which would make it easier for people to take them away.

As part of the Space@Home Project, the VR goggles were used to view the cosmos, in a fun and educational way. 

With a custom print throughout, including setup instructions, the goggles were a roaring success along with the activity kit. Our flat pack VR goggles are lightweight, and easy to set up, you can be up and running in seconds.

Perfect for exhibitions, events, or even direct mail, they’re becoming very popular of late, due to their size and ease of use.

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