Video Panel Project (AKA A Video Brochure)

A different marketing approach for tradeshows, and exhibitions.
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Usually, our Video Brochure projects consist of a front cover and a screen. Like a traditional brochure. Not so in this case.

Heetan, a member of the team, was contacted by a company that wanted a novel approach to showcase their offerings. They loved the idea of a Video Brochure, but wanted one that fit with their needs.

You see, the company in question was attending a trade show, and rather than standard exhibition products, pamphlets, brochures, flyers etc. They required something that would engage with visitors at their exhibition stand.

What better way, than handing them a video panel? Yes, we’re calling them video panels!

Losing the front cover to the Video Brochure, and with a press of the power button, their video was on display immediately.

The video panels did all the talking, all the representatives had to do was take a few details, and away they went.

With a full colour print throughout, and despite not having a front cover, there was still plenty of room for branding. Plus having a 7-inch HD screen, complete with volume controls, visitors could watch and hear everything the company had to offer.

I know Heetan is proud of this project, and more importantly, the client was pleased with the end result.

If you’re running an exhibition stand this year, and don’t like the idea of handing out expensive tablets to visitors, then our video panel solution could be just the ticket.

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